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2020 December 10 @ 10:00 - 2021 March 1 @ 12:00

The idea of the 9th Lithuanian Textile Art Biennial, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the restoration of independence, is based on the connection between the state and human existence. Restored Lithuania, just like a human being, went through its childhood, and youth until it reached the age of thirty – the age of maturity – the boundaries of which mark a different analytical view of history and environment. During the three decades of independence, our social communication, habits, technologies, as well as our understanding of textile art, has changed. These changes are an incentive to reflect on the imprints of the passing historical time and life changes in our consciousness.

Among more than fifty artists you will find textile artists of various generations and artists from other fields. They think about the challenges that people and the state face, touch upon the topics of ecology, emigration, the geopolitical situation, pandemic and military threats, and via their personal experiences explore the importance of boundary and divide in their work, mindset, and private environment. The participants of the exhibition demonstrate nonstandard thinking, intellectual approach; they search for new technical connections, maneuver between what is new and what is obsolete, formal and free. Artists look broadly at the topics of boundary as a divide by creating meaningful associations, poetic metaphors, material and technological slaps in the face; by provoking and surprising with the tangles of traditions and innovations.

Art critic Lijana Natalevičienė