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June 19 @ 08:00 - July 31 @ 17:00

Janina Monkute-Marks travelled a lot alone or together with her husband Ira Marks, and visited more than 50 countries. Her husband disposed business affairs, and she visited museums and markets looking for examples of folk art and collecting each interesting artwork. Janina Monkute-Marks says, “I realized that primitive art is similar all over the world because it employs the same symbols – the earth, the sky and the deity”. Each nation has got its own individual ways to decorate – they make masks, crowns, decorate windows and tombs. Janina Monkute-Marks’ abundant collection of world art comprises the examples of African, Asian and European folk art, as well as the artworks of American people and a lot of masks, textiles and fancywork. Only a small part of Janina’s textile collection has been taken to Kedainiai. However, it is a huge present to Kedainiai because there are no similar artworks in Lithuania’s museums. In order to place all the examples of artwork, which are stored in the USA, a separate building would be needed. Appliquéd cloth, fancywork, bedspreads, hand-made clothes, masks and wooden figurines from various exotic regions are shown in the exhibit.