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Japanese Contemporary Art from J. Monkute-Marks Art Museum Collection in Druskininkai

March 30 @ 14:00 - June 6 @ 17:00

Japanese Contemporary Art from J. Monkutė-Marks Art Museum Collection

M. K. Čiurlionis Memorial Museum offers an acquaintance with the contemporary collection of Japanese artists’ works from J. Monkutė-Marks Museum-Gallery. The Museum of J. Monkutė-Marks history began with the restoration of Lithuanian independence when the artist Janina Monkutė-Marks, Lithuanian émigré, considered the idea of donating her own artworks to her homeland. In 2000 she founded the first Lithuanian not-profit-making cultural and educational organization and established the museum-gallery. The museum’s mission is the cultural and educational commitment: to share with people the life of art, to present the dynamics and diversity of creative work, to take part in the country‘s and Kedainiai cultural life through organizing exhibitions, lectures, literary evenings, musical concerts and educational philanthropy projects.

This time Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery shares with you the artistic heritage cumulated throughout more than fifteen years. The hall is friendly shared by different artists whose works differ in style and technique. The works reflect the individuality of the artists‘ style: from personal discoveries, that combine several art branches, to traditional, though in their own way conveyed techniques. At the exhibition you will be able to see more when 30 works from Japan. Artists of the exhibition: Mitsue Ito, Haruko Honma, Yukako Sorai, Ueda Nobuko, Ken Kagajo, Koko Shimomura, Junko Suzuki, Yasuko Iyanaga, Rieko Yashiro, Kakuko Ishii, Jean-Michel Letellier, Miki Nakamura, Honma Kazue, Kurita Toru, Kuroki Mitsuru, Moon Jiyoung, Osumi Yuki, Suzuka Yasu, Tate Masaaki, Tsukuda Mayumi, Ueda Kyoko, Iyanaga Yasuko, Yoshiya Emiko, Yunohara Kiyoshi, Makiko Wakisaka.