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May 2 @ 10:00 - June 14 @ 12:00


PRANAS BUTKEVICIUS was born on February 23,1920 in Angiriai village, Kedainiai district. He graduated Kedainiai gymnasium. He began painting when he was young on the banks of his native river Susve.In 1940 he entered Kaunas Art School but because of lack of supplies he did not finish it. He worked on the railway as on engineer-dispatcher (in Kaunas and Vilnius). But he never stopped creating and painted pictures all his life (died on 20.04.1994). In painting, nature for Pranas was the main inspiration – “in nature I am looking for color fireworks and their consonance” (P.B.). His later style he described as “expressive abstractionism,but based not on abstract concept but ascending from nature” (P.B.).

Prof. Vladas Karatajus: “Pranas was well educated in art, so the borendary from copying nature to synthesis is very organic in his works of art. His profesionalism is absolutely free – he gets impuls and improvises. He created as if playing – this is his life.”

JONAS BUTKEVICIUS (Pranas son) was born on November 27,1948 in Kaunas. In 1971 he finished urban architekture at Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute (now-VGTU), and as Professor Ph. Doctor in Technical sciences taught there to 2011. He started painting encouragend by his father, who as well as his uncle prof. V. Karatajus were his main teachers. Jonas continued his father’s Pranas painting traditions – in pastotic strokes he paints abstract and expressionistic pictures. Jonas – “colors are the most important for me in painting – picture must sound !” (J.B.).

The painter Ilona Zvinakiene: “Jonas works sound with fovistic brightness, oily paint texture and dynamics convey creator’s emotions. Jonas is so excited by life colors that with the help of his all life experience and education embarks on solo improvisation, immersis into pulsating rhythm of swing.”

Jonas – “I remember when I was eight year old with my parents I saw a color documentary film about Amazon – then it seemed never inaccesible. But restituted independence has given us three basic freedoms – thinking, acting, travelling. This is how the world opened up. Travelling actively around it, I visited Peru where my childhood dream came true – I was in the jungle of Amazon. So arranging this exhibition, impression arose to name it “From Father’s native Susve to dream Amazon.”


The exhibition presents a retrospective of Pranas Butkevicius  painting – from his early (from 1953) realistic works, later – impresionistic (from 1964) to his last (1993) expresionistic canvases. His ouk sculptures and created carvings are also exhibited.

Prof.K.Bogdanas: “Pranas sculpture is professional, vital, carvings come from folk art.”

Son Jonas: “Father’s painting is  distinguished by its colorful, cheerful, optimistic mood – which is characteristic of his personality, in carving – his profound knowledge of Lithuanian history and art.”

His son’s Jonas  expressionistic and abstract works painted in oil (2018-2020) are also displayed in this exhibition. These include landscapes, still lives, figurative and abstract compositions and more. Jonas paintings follow up colorist traditions of his father Pranas.

The independence of Lithuania was restituted 30 years ago and the exhibition is dedicated to this anniversary and to the 100-th birth anniversary of Pranas Butkevicius.