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Prof. Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus fotography exhibition “BREATHING AND A SIP”

March 20 @ 10:00 - April 30 @ 18:00

Prof. Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus

’BREATHING AND A SIP’ is a new art exhibition of a well-known Lithuanian media artist Prof. Ph. D. Remigijus Venckus.

Artist about the exhibition

On photography cycle ‘Breathing’. Until my 28 birthday I never walked in the mountains as I was wondering that it might be dangerous for me. Now, I understand that mountains had waited for me till my first trip to Slovakia in 2013. After climbing the Tatr peaks I changed my mind and understood that the peaks are an amazing masterpiece of the Earth. Right now, I wish to feel a mount ground where I have never been before; I wish to have deeper breaths and feel my lungs moving.

In 2018 I went to Georgia and walked in the caves of mountains. When I got inside, I breathed slowly and deeply, I listened to an echo and felt myself as a man finding himself in an undiscovered galaxy. I understood that time and space had disappeared; they had not been highlighted by the people all the time: I am not important, my job is not important, my mother standing behind me is not important either. A human’s reasonable voice was unsuccessfully trying to find an explanation for the order of things. A human’s logic was not relevant at the moment, the importance of Being seemed to belong to the nature and the God… or the God embodied in the nature. Our lives seemed just a millisecond in the eyes of Universe.

To be face-to-face with nature provoked me to understand how temporary, microscopical and even ephemeral everything seems to be. Some positive feelings were dancing and inner voices were calming me. I had never met such a beautiful and miraculous piece of nature. My life’s sharp noises just got out at the moment and I had no any idea what to expect from life in the future. I found myself in the time which had just stopped to enable me to enjoy deeper breaths. My happiness seemed simple and similar to a buddhist monk’s.

In 2018, I drove through the Canyon of Montenegro and I saw how the landscape was changing during the trip. When I went out of the bus and turned back, I saw the huge buss become so small against the Canyon. I saw my mother’s fascinated eyes and heard her demanding voice: ‘Where is your camera? Why aren’t you shooting anything? Capture as much as you can and take them home!’ I had never seen my mother so happy… The extraordinary happiness had arrived at the time when we were standing to face the beauty of nature as a witness of some kind of our inner Universe…

In all my photographer’s career I have been searching and inventing different ways of artistic expression. I keep trying to go out of a simple mountain’s image not to be an illustrative artist. Any turn from an easily understandable view to an abstraction is a biggest challenge to me. This creative gesture is an action of the reality surface parring: I was doing my best to disclose the order of things, show the beauty of its mechanics and discover myself within new images, which I would like to share with everyone…

On photography cycle ‘A Sip’. For the last few years, I have become more and more interested in a human’s senses to express them in photography. The more photos I take, the more I understand that camera, film and computer software are not perfect tools, as the images cannot objectively reveal the many–layered reality and its evolution.

Photo-technologies are used for the analysis of reality, but it doesn’t guarantee the truth perceived through images. The process of creating photos stimulates my imagination and  provokes me to disclose the personal experiences of smell, breath, gaze and some tactile feelings of the material world surfaces.

On the one hand, photography enables us just to keep a strange feeling of the previously non-coordinated reality effect, on the other hand, at the same time, the reality flows away from our perception. It also shows signs which disclose the hypothesis of the world’s non-captured, non-consciousness essence. For me it has become the best part of photographic and photogenic images I have fallen in love with…

I identify the processes of taking and editing images as a decisive step in a human’s meeting with one’s personal memories and remembrances of touch, gaze, hearing, smell… I just want to remember and think about a breath of air and the first sip of water. My art is an improvised question about perfect human senses, which are depicted in the imperfect and constructed images of the photogenic world.

The first photo cycle started at 2020, is ‘A Sip’. It could be understood as an artistic research or visual improvisation on a sip phenomenon in general. I am just questioning myself and my viewers: How can we understand the feeling of the first breath of air, or the fist pure water sip we have never tried before? What is the taste of the salt water from the endless and non-pronounceable ocean?…

I may be starting a new cycle as a way of provoking my imagination which leads me to reproduce or visualise the first impression of something fresh, new and unknown. A sip of something new is not only exciting, but also a dangerous action. In a metaphorical way, a sip of life is the same as a sip of death… The sip of nature perceived without any preconception is as marvellous and similar as the self-analysis of the personal inner world. The first sip can make us feel fresh, new and open-minded!…

The process of thinking about the phenomenon of a sip is an immersive action of searching for some natural photo-impressions, which do not succumb to the power of ordinary language. Thus, I invite you to meet images without the powerful pressure of rule-gained and articulated vocalisation as well as graphic representation provided to us by communication signs.

About the Artist. Prof. Dr. R. Venckus is an art critic and media artist. In 2014 he defended his Ph. D. thesis in the humanities, Jacques Derrida Deconstruction Theory in Video Art Analysis, at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

R. Venckus is Professor at the Department of Graphics Systems of the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. He is the author of 18 scientific articles, 5 research reports presented in international conferences and 20 research reports published in republican scientific conferences. Previously he working as Associate Professor at Vytautas Magnus University, and the director of Creative Society and Economy Institute of Kazimieras Simonavičius University; he taught at Vilnius University, Šiauliai University, Vilnius Academy of Arts.

R. Venckus is also a media artist usually engaged in the art of photography. The main theme of creation comprises memory, time and personal experience as well as the male body and sexuality interpretations. In 2010 he represented Lithuania in the international erotic visual art exhibition (National Museum in Poland). He participated in 30 international exhibitions and 37 republican exhibitions, set up 50 solo exhibitions in Lithuania and 4 abroad.

R. Venckus is known in Lithuania as an art critic engaged in reviewing contemporary art exhibitions and writing about painting, photography and video art. His critical reviews on well-known Lithuanian and Western artists make an integral part of exhibitions held not only in Lithuania but also in USA, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Latvia, etc. R. Venckus is the author of 358 critical articles on art and culture.


The examples of exhibition’s photos:


Artist’s contacts:

e-mail remigijus@venckus.eu
web www.venckus.eu

Organizer: JANINA MONKUTE – MARKS ART MUSEUM (J. Basanavičiaus st. 45, LT–57182, Kėdainiai, Lithuania)

Organizer’s contacts:

J. Basanavičiaus st. 45, LT–57182, Kėdainiai, Lithuania.
Tel.  (370 347) 57398,  (370 686) 32992
Fax. (370 347) 60270
E-mail galerija@jmm-muziejus.lt

Opening hours:

Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Partner of the exhibition: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Saulėtekis av. 11, LT-10223 Vilnius, Lithuania; tel. +375 5 274 5030;. e-mail vgtu@vgtu.lt).