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International Touring Fiber Art Exhibition ASIA-EUROPE IV

September 11 @ 17:00 - November 7 @ 12:00

International Touring Fiber Art Exhibition ASIA-EUROPE IV

Following a trip through Europe in various museums such as the Tournai Tapestry Museum in Belgium, the Deutsches Textilmuseum Krefeld in Germany, and the Kunstcenter in Droninglund in Denmark, the Asia-Europe IV exhibition itinerary ends at Janina Monkutè-Marks Museum, in Lithuania.

Initially the concept was created in 2010 by Erny Piret, founder of the Asia-Europe exhibitions whose idea is to relate the richness of the innovative imagination of Asian and European artists on the principle of personal research linked to a typical cultural technique.

I must not present our traditional Western textile, different techniques and materials: Tapestry, lace, crochet, tulle, embroidery, and more recently the use of industrial papers, sewing, knitting and embroidery at the machine. The European artists selected for this exhibition each experimented and perfected a technique from our culture of their choice.

Asian artists have their traditions quite different from the West. The selected Asian works are often technically traditional with an extension of the know-how of their cultures. But they appreciate new artistic expressions from other continents, and merge their traditions with new ideas.

In this Asia-Europe IV selection, you can see the works of Raija Jokinen, who sews by assembling linen threads, a traditional material from her country. Several other artists use the paper they make themselves like Kakuko Ishii and Mitsuru Kuroki, Miki Nakamura and Magda Sobon, and the others collect books, newspapers like Antra Augustinovica, and Valerie Buess.

But I let you discover the many original and innovative approaches, various techniques and materials, often surprising such as the veins of dried leaves, bread, glue, guts, feathers, cable ties and metal in all its forms: crocheted , knitted, woven, or pressed.

The works presented come from three Asian countries: Japan, South Korea and China. And from 15 European countries: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Poland, Hungary, Spain, GD Luxembourg, Slovakia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy.

A beautiful meeting between two very distant cultural identities.

Enthused, several artists decided to create new works for the occasion and to show them for the first time. Others joined the exhibition with major creations, the personal concept of which is the result of many years of research.

The first three parts of the Asia-Europe international exhibition were a huge success with the public but also with artists. This fourth edition is awaited by creators, museums and textile art lovers alike.

Curator of the exhibition Marika Szaraz
Patron of the Exhibition: Mayor of Kedainiai Region Municipality Valentinas Tamulis