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International Exhibition “OBJECTS TO TOUCH 2”

2016 November 11 @ 17:00 - 2017 January 7 @ 12:00
Works of art usually do (or do not) invoke certain feelings and thoughts. Art “acceptance” is regulated by our VISUAL capabilities. Increasingly often modern art provides an opportunity to know from hearing, or sometimes from the excited smell. However, for all the obvious reasons the possibility to TOUCH usually remains prohibited. In art galleries and various museums we witness a verbal, written and even visual prohibition saying “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH”. The prohibition often results in completely opposite actions of… Find out more »

The Staff of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery wishes You a Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.

2016 December 1 @ 10:00 - 2017 January 6 @ 18:00
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Art Exhibition of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery Collection in Truskava

2016 December 13 @ 18:30 - 2017 January 30 @ 12:00
Openining reception: 6:30 pm, Thuesday,  December 13.Traskava parish hall, Liepu st. 2, PavermenysArt Exhibition of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery Collection in TruskavaJanina Monkute-Marks donated her works of art, including paintings, prints, rugs and tapestries to Kėdainiai. In 2000, Janina Marks established a Not For Profit Institution in Kėdainiai. The Institution purchased a 100 year old building for use as a Museum. The building’s interior was modernized to meet contemporary Museum standards while the exterior was restored to reflect the historical significance… Find out more »

Exhibition “DRAWING”

January 13 @ 17:00 - February 25 @ 13:00
The Exhibition “Drawing” is presented at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery by the artists of the graphic section of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Kaunas Branch. Professional graphics, artists present artworks which interpret drawing and painting each in its own exceptional way, using unique techniques and experiences. Drawing is a sketch, drawing is decor, drawing is a line, drawing is an original work of art. All of the artists share common experiences, as well as a single city of studies, home or life… Find out more »

Ceramic Exhibition “WHAT DO I LIVE FOR”

March 3 @ 17:00 - April 15 @ 12:00
plakatas LT
Three older generation ceramic artists from different parts and cities of Lithuania are presented in the exhibition “What do I live for”: Daiva Lozyte (Klaipeda), Algimantas Patamsis (Vilnius), and Audrone Dambrauskiene-Siurkiene (Kaunas). All three of them are united with one love – love for ceramics, and they chose to express their ideas with stone mass, clay or porcelain. Audrone Dambrauskiene-Siurkiene admits that clay is a very thankful material which is so flexible, that you can make almost anything out of… Find out more »

Art Exhibition of Janina Monkute-Marks. Textile. Painting.

March 10 @ 15:00 - April 15 @ 17:00
PLAKATAS truskavai
 Exhibition place: Traskava parish hall, Liepu st. 2, PavermenysThe early art and embroidery of Janina Monkute-Marks are exhibited.The early art of Janina Monkute-Marks (1958-1962)Though indirectly, her early paintings reflect the drama of World War II and emigration. Her paintings of 1958-1960 are dominated by dramatic tension and a sense of the unknown. The artist was encouraged to share her painful story by the popular Chicago group Art Brute. The group’s most successful members, Leon Golub and Seymour Rossofsky, were famous for… Find out more »

2 % pajamų mokesčio parama muziejui

March 28 @ 08:00 - May 1 @ 17:00
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(Lithuanian) Ieškomi savanoriai

March 31 @ 08:00 - May 20 @ 18:00
Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. Find out more »

The Exhibition of different artists from one family “R-5”

April 21 @ 17:00 - June 4 @ 12:00
R-5What could the name of the exhibition“R-5” mean to the visitors, what kind of symbolic inspirations are hidden under this anagram, which consists of one letter and one number?„R-5“ – five artists from one family and different generations, who have a lot in common but at the same time being absolutely individual with their own artistic expression, a view of their everyday surroundings, raising different goals for their creativity. Tedious calligraphy, the harmony of lines and spots, artworks full of… Find out more »

Where We Are & Where We’re going!

May 5 @ 18:00 - 20:00
In conjunction with UIMA & Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian CultureAt: Ukrainian Institiute of Modern Art2320 W Chicago Ave.Chicago, IL 60622"Where We Are & Where We're going!"Sigita Balzekas- Board Member- Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture- ChicagoDalia Minkevičienė-Jazdauskienė- Executive director- Janina Monkute Marks Museum- Kedainiai, LithuanianPaul Marks-Board Member- Janina Marks Foundation- ChicagoDalia will lead a presentation about the Janina Monkute Marks Museum, located in Kedainiai, Lithuania.• How have the younger generation of Lithuanians embraced Art?• What are the favored Art mediums and… Find out more »

Where we are & where we’re going?

May 7 @ 12:30 - 14:00
At: Lithuanian World center (lower level)14911 127th St.Lemont, IL 60439RECEPTION & PRESENTATION"Where we are & where we're going?"Dalia Minkevičienė-Jazdauskienė- Executive director- Janina Monkute Marks Museum- Kedainiai, LithuanianPaul Marks-Board Member- Janina Marks Foundation- ChicagoDalia will lead a presentation about the Janina Monkute Marks Museum, located in Kedainiai, Lithuania. The Gallery continues its outreach initiative to present a review of the exceptional Art shows that have been hosted in Lithuania in the past four years.How have the younger generation of Lithuanians embraced Art?What… Find out more »


May 20 @ 18:00 - 22:00
 Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery International European Night of Museums“CONNECTIONS BETWEEN TRADITION AND INNOVATION" 6 p.m. – 10 p.m.Free attendance to the exhibitions presented at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery: the Exhibition of different artists from one family  “R-5” and the exhibition of the artworks by Janina Monkute-Marks.6 p.m.The opening of the European Museum Night “Connections between Tradition and Innovation”.6 p.m. – 9 p.m.Artistic workshops, promotions and games:Mini sewage – bag sewing workshops;Print workshops;Fan workshops;Drawing and coloring for the little ones „Sakura garden“;African accesory workshops;African… Find out more »

Janina Monkute-Marks “A GIFT TO THE HOMELAND”

June 9 @ 10:00 - July 23 @ 12:00
JANINA MONKUTE – MARKS(1923 – 2010)“A GIFT TO THE HOMELAND”Janina Monkutė-Marks was born in Radviliškis, on September 21st in Lithuania, passed away on November 13rd.She studied in Pagėgiai Primary and Secondary School. In 1939 – 1941 she continued her studies in the High School, in Kėdainiai. In 1941 Janina Marks entered the drama studio in Kaunas Drama Theatre. While studying there she finished The Fifth High School in Kaunas.In the autumn of 1944 Janina moved to Germany.In 1945-1947 she studied archaeology,… Find out more »

Art Exhibition of Janina Monkute-Marks. Textile. Painting.

July 1 @ 08:00 - October 1 @ 17:00
Exhibition place: Krakės cultural center (Laisvės a. 1, Krakės)The early art and embroidery of Janina Monkute-Marks are exhibited.Curator of the exhibit Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune Find out more »

International Exhibition “GIFT WORKS”

July 28 @ 17:00 - September 9 @ 12:00
INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION OF GIFT WORKSThe museum's mission is the cultural and educational commitment: to share with people the life of art, to present the dynamics and diversity of creative work, to take part in the country‘s and Kedainiai cultural life through organizing exhibitions, symposia, lectures, literary evenings, musical concerts and educational philanthropy projects.This time Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery shares with you the artistic heritage cumulated throughout more than fifteen years. The exposition consists of textile, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, prints, leather… Find out more »

(Lithuanian) Vaikų kūrybinė stovykla „KŪRYBOS LAISVĖ“

August 7 @ 10:00 - August 11 @ 15:00
Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. Find out more »

Paul Crayton AKA Slink G Moss (USA) Music Show “SAMANOS”

September 2 @ 18:00 - 20:00
Slink G Moss is an artist and musician from Chicago and later New York City who has performed in a wide variety styles. His songs appear in movies and on tv and his art is in magazines. He was excited to perform songs in Lithuania as he did in 2009 at Kaunas. Photo credit Daivos studija Find out more »


September 20 @ 16:30 - 17:30
Educational lecture about graphic art "From the history of Lithuanian engraving: woodblock prints" was presented by art critic Regina Urboniene from Vilnius. Find out more »

“Woodcut Effect” Contemporary Japanese and Lithuanian Woodblock Prints

September 20 @ 18:00 - November 18 @ 12:00
WOODCUT EFFECTContemporary Japanese and Lithuanian Woodblock Prints The intrigue offered by joined exhibition “Woodcut effect: Contemporary Japanese and Lithuanian Woodblock Prints” is a possibility to compare the works by contemporary woodcut artists coming from two outstanding traditions and to reveal the range of technical capabilities and variations of old graphic techniques today. This opportunity to get acquainted with contemporary Japanese woodcuts was granted by the main partner of the project, the Kyoto International Woodprint Association (KIWA). For the first time, the… Find out more »

Painting exhibition “DEDICATIONS” by Jarl Aleksandr Branting

September 22 @ 16:00 - October 13 @ 18:00
                                            EXHIBITION OF PICTURES "DEDICATIONS"Hello everyone,I would like to introduce myself: to shortly tell about my exhibition of pictures. The topic of the exhibition shows its content: the title is intended to present certain topics, also to mention what one could be able to see in the exhibition. My name and surname show who I am. This is the purpose… Find out more »

Family day at the museum

November 11 @ 11:00 - 14:00
Sorry, this entry is only available in Lithuanian. Find out more »

JAPANESE FIBER ART From J. Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery collection in “Ethno”, the 10th international biennial of textile miniatures

November 14 @ 18:00 - December 9 @ 18:00
LDS galerija ARKA,
Aušros Vartų g. 7
Vilnius, LT-01304 Lithuania
Location: LAA Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu 7, VilniusEthno, the 10th – anniversary – international biennial of textile miniatures, is dedicated to the upcoming centenary of Lithuanian statehood and to the Year of National Costume 2017. The curator of the exhibition is Žydrė Ridulytė. It displays works of 110 artists from 24 countries who contemplate the issues of ethnic uniqueness, who believe that the manifestations of national identity become even more relevant in the current context of globalisation, cosmopolitanism, and convergence… Find out more »
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