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Anniversary EXHIBITION of GIFT WORKS & An exhibition of new tapestries “A GIFT TO THE HOMELAND” by Janina Monkute-Marks

2011 June 11 @ 10:00 - 2011 September 3 @ 12:00


The museum’s mission is the cultural and educational commitment: to share with people the life of art, to present the dynamics and diversity of creative work, to take part in the country‘s and Kedainiai cultural life through organizing exhibitions, symposia, lectures, literary evenings, musical concerts and  educational philanthropy projects.

This time, on the occasion of the decade of its existance, Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery shares with you, dear visitors, the artistic heritage cumulated during the ten years. The exposition consists of textile, painting, photography, ceramics, prints, leather art works. The halls are frienly shared by different artists whose works differ in style and technique.

The works reflect the individuality of the artists‘ style: from personal discoveries, that combine several art branches, to traditional, though in their own way conveyed techniques.

At the exhibition you will be able to see the works of  Z. Sodeikienė, I. Nenortienė, A. V. Pliopys, M. B. Stankūnė, G. Valtaitė, J. Petruškevičienė, R. Benson, A. Sutkuvienė, D. M. Lopez, P. Guesdon, Odon, A. Petrulis, K. Petrulis, J. Mykolaitytė, G. Žumbakienė, E. Rudinskas, N. Zirnitė, A. Macijauskas, R. Požerskis, S. Padalevičius, A. Kezys, V. Bečelis, G. Česonis, I. Padimanskienė (Kaunas College J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts), M. Lapinskaitė and V. Veriankaitė (Siauliai University).

We can only be happy that Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery has gathered such a great number of art works that decorate its spaces.

 Janina Monkutė- Marks

Janina Monkutė-Marks (1923 09 21 – 2010 11 13)  was born in Radviliškis, in Lithuania, past away in Chicago (USA).

She studied in Pagėgiai Primary and Secondary School. In 1939-1939 she continued her studies in the High School, in Kėdainiai. In 1941 Janina Marks entered the drama studio in Kaunas Drama Theatre. While studying there she finished the Fifth High School in Kaunas.

In the autumn of 1944 Janina moved to Germany.

In 1945-1947 she studied archaeology, art history and Romans languages at Innsbruck University (Austria).

In 1947-1950 attended École des Arts et Métiers in Freiburg (Germany). There she acquired her skills in the visual arts: she studied textile with professor Antanas & Mrs. Anastazija Tamošaitis, drawing – with Vytautas Kasiulis and Vytautas Kazimieras Jonynas, graphics – with Viktoras Petravičius.

In 1950 Janina Marks emigrated to USA. Since 1956 she actively joined the artistic life of Chicago, studied and worked with the artists, such as Don Baum, Claude Bentley, Harry Bouros, Harold Haydon, Viktoras Petravičius. She was closely associated with Hyde Park Art Center and B.I.G. Arts Center in Sanibel (Florida). Since 1972 Janina Marks started organizing the popular annual members‘ exhibition in Hyde Park Art Center. In 1974 the artist was one of the founders and leaders of the Lithuanian Women‘s Artists Association in Chicago.

Her works were exhibited in the Chicago Art Institute, The North Shore Art League (Winnetka, Illinois), Dunes Art Foundation (Mishigan City Indiana), Sun Times Gallery (Chicago, Illinois), Old Water Tower Place (Chicago, Illinois) etc. she had more than twenty one-person shows. Janina Marks constantly took part in the exhibitions of the Lithuanian Art Centers, such as Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, Čiurlionis Gallery, and Lithuanian Art Museum in Lemont. As Danas Lapkus admitted, „ in addition to her exhibitions in the museums and art galleries, Janina Marks also took part in various art fairs. Besides, she organized her own exhibitions in different schools and libraries. Such democratic approach reflects both artistic and life philosophy of Janina Marks – to share the beauty of art with everybody“.