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“EVENTUALITIES. HAVE YOU SEEN IT?” Saulius Dastikas painting and Kristina Norvilaitė graphic art exhibit

2007 December 13 @ 17:00 - 2008 January 26 @ 12:00

The title of the exhibition „Eventualities. Have you seen it?“ is revealed differently in works of both artists.

Painter Saulius Dastikas talks about it by drawing attention to process of creation underlying eventuality that lies within it – when you start an artwork there is a great variety of possible ways to go, lots of place for improvisation. „Eventualities“ create the result and you are to look at it.

Printmaker Kristina Norvilaite prefers analysis of contemplation of an artwork when observing patterns of ornaments, their repeated motifs that reveal themselves every time in different way, you are forced to look at the result carefully. Such research is not observing empty forms – the viewer gets involved into subjective trip where every ornament, symbol, colour awakes personal memories, associations.

Paintings of Sauliaus Dastikas

„If to consider painting as a form, I find attraction towards many layer of strokes, deepness of colour, unrestrained movement of leaking paint. I call this „controlled eventuality“  – I can guess what result will be because I already have got skills and experience, but every time it is an alive process. In this way improvisation is born“, – says Saulius Dastikas. Among other works artist presents big format paintings (200x150cm) that enforce him to experience total freedom of movement – a small size canvas cuts the gesture, doesn‘t let to use the whole length of an arm while painting.

Main source of his inspiration are moods of shifting nature, the light mostly. While painting the nature Saulius Dastikas chooses not clearly defined forms but the world of colours, feelings of nature, so all objects can be only guessed (reflections in water, plants). Motif is usually hidden under expressive strokes so that a clear form does not get frozen and become a burden by leaving little place for improvisation.

Prints of Kristina Norvilaite

24 right-angled works of Kristina Norvilaite resemble letters, photos or leaves of a calendar where ornaments and signs encode a message about an event, feeling, mood, memories, trips to foreign countries or within one‘s soul. Sentence „Have you seen it?“ provokes to pay a more careful attention to works and, at the same time at things happening around the viewer – there are so many small joys and miracles that are usually neglected by our attention because of constant eager to go forward.

Red colour is the main colour in Kristina‘s Norvilaite‘s works and it is chosen not only because of aesthetical reasons. Red colour as a rule is symbol of life; in modern world it is a colour for situations where increased attention is required. Various richness of red colour in works of the artist proclaims that message within an artwork is alive and important.

Although at the first glance works seem to be extremely decorative, when you look deeper another layer is revealed – elements of an ornament travels from one painting into another creating a dynamic story, provoking to think about details that are the material for creating our life; our joy, happiness and unhappiness depends upon its‘ falling together or apart.