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Audrius V. Plioplys Art Exhibition “MEMORY THREADS”

2020 February 7 @ 17:00 - 2020 March 14 @ 12:00

Audrius V. Plioplys – American artist and neurologist of Lithuanian descent. For over 40 years he has been both a professional artist and a neurologist. His art work is neo-conceptual: a metaphorical investigation of thinking and consciousness. What is it that makes us human? How is it that our thoughts and memories are formed? The many layers of visual and thematic elements incorporated in these pieces mirrors our neuronal complexity and the depths in which our memories and our beings reside.

Each of his works includes many layers of content and meaning. Some use previous art works. He transforms them into exotic forms, just as our memories transform visual impulses into vast neuronal web-works. Cerebral cortical neuronal drawings, superimposed and subtracted from the surrounding color, reveal deeper layers of thoughts and memories. His own MRI brain scans and electroencephalograms (brain waves) are interweaved. From neuronal complexity words, thoughts, and consciousness emerge. With over 50 individual exhibits and 100 group shows, his works are displayed in museums, libraries, universities and major art collections internationally.

Exhibit of A. Plioplys artwork entitled Memory Threads was a part of the celebration of the 75-year anniversary of Lithuania’s National Library of Medicine. They were printed using archival quality, pigmented inks and paper. Pieces from three series is on display: Memory-Emergence (2009), Sybils (2018) and the most recent, Siberia Souls II (2019).

Siberia Souls
In re-visiting the artist’s work with raising awareness about Siberian deportations, this series of pieces deals with the human consequences of governmental dictatorial atrocities. These images were taken by photographing the color-changing Siberia Souls light sculptures. Incorporated into each piece are photographs and letters that were sent from Siberia. This series is a continuing reminder that the atrocities of the past can, and will, be repeated, if ignorance continues to dominate.

This series actualizes Greek memory and mythology. On a dark blue, night sky background, the Sybils are traversing time and space in generating their oracular insights. Their insights emerge from the vast webwork neuronal processes. These Sybils contemplate time and the source of our understandings on a cosmic scale. In the deep background, you will find original Sybil text citations in Greek–barely visible, but perceptible.

This series consists of 6 works of different, intense colors and textures that reflect the changes and dynamics of our memory processes. It deals with emergence and memory on many levels and are based on photographs. On a personal level, the artist was emerging from chronic illness and losses. Artistically, this series has evolved previous one from “Thoughts from Under a Rock.”. In these works neuronal drawings were subtracted from the background color, revealing deeper layers of underlying art works, photographs, underlying thoughts and memories.