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Aurina Paškevičienė “LIGHTNESS”

2021 November 19 @ 10:00 - 2022 January 8 @ 12:00

Aurina Paškevičienė was born in 1966.

1977 – 1981 attended the Art School of Utena.

In 1985 she graduated from the former Kaunas St. Žukas Technical College of Applied Arts (now Kaunas University of Applied Sciences) with a degree in decorative arts.

1985 to 2014 she worked as an artist at the Utena Culture Centre. She created scenographies, costumes for various events and performances.

Currently, she is painting, creating interior dolls, illustrating children’s books.

Painting is for her art therapy and freedom of self-expression. Her paintings are a perfect reflection of herself, like a diary, where all her experiences and feelings are poured out through drawing and colour.

The artist’s search between the “real” and the “imaginary” makes her unique. She sees the world as if it were taken from a fairy tale – good, full of joy and light. The subject that interests her the most is a woman – a fascinating, mysterious creature.

The works are decorative, illustrative, with attention to small details, full of feeling, sincere, enchanting in their colours and fantasy.

Since 2000 she has participated in exhibitions and plein-air events.