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Competitive exhibition “THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD”

2012 March 2 @ 17:00 - 2012 April 7 @ 17:00

The seven wonders of the world are the most famous constructions of the Ancient world, a list of which was composed by the Antique Greek poet Antipater of Sidon in the 2nd century BC. Later, when the humanity became better acquainted with the world, the list was extended for several times, including natural miracles, as well. However, what each of us would name as a miracle if the answer was not limited by any frames? The exhibition features the artworks in which the artists of Lithuania visually present the things that in their opinion should be perceived as yet another miracle of the world.

The main objective of the exhibition is to present the audience with a wide range of artworks which are created by using different art techniques. The works created using the techniques of graphics, textile, ceramics, glass-work, painting, as well as mixed and copyright methods, are exhibited. The theme of miracle has brought together the artists of different age groups; as a result, one is able to see the creations by the representatives from the senior and younger generations at the exhibition. Some of the works were created in the past, while the others – exclusively for this exhibition. Sometimes similar, but more often – different – views and values of the artists are reflected in their works, and this forces to think carefully, to look deeper into the message transmitted by the artist.

The number of the selected participants amounts to twenty, while the number of works at the exhibition exceeds thirty. The exhibition features the young artists, who have only recently started to engage in the artistic activities, as well as the authors, who have already glorify the name of Lithuania and are well-known in the foreign countries.

You will be able to see the graphics by Egidijus Rudinskas, the installation by Birute Sarapiene, the painting discoveries by Romanas Averincevas, Rebeka Bruder, Modestas Malinauskas, Sandra Drulyte, Konstantinas Zardalevicius, the glass creation by Gitana Belickaite and Gabija Stanionyte, who have started to work together, the tapestry by Irena Piliutyte, the textile objects by Ausra Sedleviciute, Virginija Kirveliene, Egle Ganda Bogdaniene, the tapestries of copyright technique by Sigita Degimaite, the silkography by Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune, the non-conventional textiles by Renata Laurinaviciute, Gertruda Ziliute, the ceramic works by Virginija Lauzadiene, the works of mixed techniques by Monika Furmanaviciute, Aine Jacyte, Aurelija Pranckeviciute, Mindaugas Mazalis.

Curator Gertruda Ziliute

At the exhibition were awarded 5 best artworks.
Committee consists of museum members-artists:
Nijolė Naujokienė,
Danguolė Civilkienė,
Daiva Nurdinova,
Jovita Buinevičienė,
Julius Urbonavičius.

 One artwork has been awarded as the best:

1994 – 2011 

Kiti keturi išrinkti kaip lygiaverčiai:

“Sugared Childhood”


“Hieronimus Bosch observes flying objects in the skies over Kaunas”

“Virtual Reality”