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Danutė Valentaitė, Birutė Sarapienė and Liucija Šepkutė – Banaitienė exhibition „TAPESTRY X3“

January 27 @ 17:00 - March 11 @ 10:00

The textile is of a sensory nature. This means that touching a piece of textile work is necessary in order to understand, if it is soft and gentle, or, on the contrary, rough and scratchy, although it is not possible to tell this looking from the distance.

The technique of tapestry is the oldest weaving method. Inca and Mayan clothes or coverlets, which were woven a thousand years ago, have been found.  Yarn is so strong that the pattern and colours have remained. Moreover, so many things about the famous French or Dutch tapestries from 16–18 centuries can be told! There were only a few famous painters under whose sketches weaving was allowed. Those tapestries were used to decorate halls and castles of the rich, and they performed a decorative and wall heating function.

Of course, nowadays everything has become simpler. Every artist weaves under his or her own project. However, new materials, staples, and new ideas have appeared. There are few artists left, who weave tapestries, as it takes a lot of time. The art of textile becomes a short-term, expressive phenomenon, which is often deconstructed and thrown away after an exhibition, and it does not have an enduring value. We, however, are trying to maintain a classical style and technique of tapestry.

Our tapestries are handmade; we use usual wool, semi-wool, mixed composition and linen yarn. Our creative works reflect our internal mood, the surrounding world, natural phenomena, or they are just abstractive and decorative.

In 2018, the Kaunas textile group “ESAME” (“WE ARE”) has decided to revive a bit forgotten technique of tapestry, which has been missed by the audience. We prepared a project and called all textile artists of Lithuania to weave. That was the stimulus to create the collection “Tapestry Yesterday and Tomorrow“.

We, five textile artists of one generation, have collected our works of the last five years, and it has appeared to be quite a collection, so we have decided to make an exhibition. It might seem strange for somebody that some people keep weaving, while there is the war nearby, but the life goes on. In addition, this is one of the ways to detach from everyday life and routine. The life is changing and not necessary to the best side.

Therefore, we want to make it lighter and brighter – to meditate while weaving.