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Educational Fiber Art Exhibition “OF LAND AND SEA” by Regina V. Palaityte Benson (USA)

2013 October 18 @ 17:00 - 2013 December 7 @ 12:00

This exhibition is a part of the educational program “Reflections of the American Culture at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum”.

Sponsor: U.S. Embassy Vilnius, Lithuania

Regina V. Palaityte Benson is an artist working primarily in the textile medium creating art quilts, wall hangings, sculptures and installations using her own surface designed cloth. Her primary sources of inspiration come from her natural surroundings; going so far as to actually create her works directly on the landscape in all kinds of weather and seasonal conditions. She uses this designed cloth as allusions to her subjects’ aspects, inviting the viewer to share the visual and physical space.

“My work is very graphic and intricately detailed at the same time. I want viewers to feel the overall piece at a distance; and as they approach, discover more detail to enhance first impressions. I am coaxing viewers to share the physical space with my visions as they are filtered through my artistic re-interpretations. I want viewers to be enveloped, surrounded, and drawn inside my work.”

Regina’s works are inspired by the natural vista’s of her mountainous home and her avid hobby of scuba diving. The processes of her work are frequently undertaken directly within these same environments – during all seasons, she marks her cloth on rocks, grasses and plantings; on snow in Colorado and within receding tides in tropical retreats. Because of her interest in environmentally-conscious practice, Regina has re-designed the processes, materials and chemicals used to effect the dying, discharging and rusting that she undertakes so that they do not harm the environment or the cloth.

In addition to maintaining an active studio practice, Regina V. Palaityte Benson lectures on the trends of textile surface design, including her own innovations, and serves as juror and curator for cutting-edge exhibits. She continues to press the boundaries of contemporary textile art through strong practice of experimentation in the broad field of surface design. Regina’s work has toured in numerous invitational shows, won awards at shows in USA such as Quilt National, and most recently won an award at the International Textile Triennial in Lodz, Poland. Lithuanian born and currently living and working in Golden, Colorado, she continues to be credited with maintaining artistic integrity, technical innovation and visual excitement within her art.

Beyond having her work shown nationally and internationally and her individual works purchased for private and public collection, Regina has been a featured speaker on fiber arts at SOFA Chicago at the specific invitation of The Friends of Fiber Art International. Her environmentally conscious mark-making techniques have been featured in art publications and she has several times served as a lead exhibitor and presenter at the Festival of Quilts, Birmingham, England.

Regina V. Palaityte Benson maintains a personal and professional standing in numerous art organizations, serving on various committees and in board positions; among them, the Surface Design Association, the Textile Society of America, Friends of Fiber Art International, Studio Art Quilt Associates, International Sculpture Society, Handweavers Guild of America, International Batik Guild, Silk Painters International, and the American Craft Council.

Regina’s works were first exhibited at Janina Monkute- Marks Museum-Gallery in 2008 in the group textile exhibition “Distant/Close Land”, which included the creations of seven Lithuanian American textile artists. Later, in 2011, another group exhibition of the Lithuanian Americans “To Lithuania – With Love” was organized and along with the works of other creators from fourteen different fields the creations of Regina V. Palaityte Benson were also presented here. Now we are proud to present the personal educational art exhibition “Of Land and Sea” of Regina V. Benson. This textile exhibition is part of the educational program “Reflections of the American Culture at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum” funded by the Embassy of the United States in Lithuania.