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European Night of Museums “BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY”

2008 May 17 @ 19:00 - 23:00

The fourth European Night of Museums gathered 2200 participating museums in France and in 39 countries elsewhere in Europe.

The theme of this event at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum was influenced of  relationships  between different Earth and Sky spaces this year. Repeated variations  of  shift from the state then you are “Connected to Earth“ to the “Flying“ was studying.

Different artists were invited to be not only beholders and analysts but also to create the game. They came into contact with reality, empyreal high and the purity of dreams. They were invited to fly into another plane of the space – into the world full of dreams as well.

The program commenced at 7:00 pm and went well into the night. During the celebration, all the visitors and the guests of the Kedainiai city listened to the contemporary music concert of schoolboys from Kėdainiai “Šviesioji“ gymnazium. Everyone, young and old were able to take part in various workshops: make their own lanterns, draw the theme “Between Earth and sky“, fold a crane, make little persons from paper naikins or make scenery for the “Shadow teatre“. Materials were provided. Also, we were inviting everybody to bring his or her own homemade lantern. The most beautiful ones were awarded. After all workshops, in the dark, the association “Kedainiai club” invited everyone to watch their performance of the “Shadow teatre”.  The Museum also screened short films and animated cartoons inside the galleries. At the end of event we let Flying lanterns go skywards. It was a sight to see.

Greta Kardišiūtė, Milda Norvaišaitė, Mindaugas Žarys, association “Kėdainiai club”, Vidmantas Valantiejus and his schoolboys from Kėdainiai “Šviesioji“ gymnazium, Agnietė Janušaitė, Renata Vinckevičiūtė, Rūta Samajauskaitė, Jolanta Levinaitė and Eglė Švedaitė helped to organize the International Night of the Museums this year.

AB “EuroChem Lifosa“ made Night at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum possible.