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Exhibition by five young Fiber Artists “MANIPULATIONS”

2013 February 8 @ 17:00 - 2013 March 30 @ 12:00

Opening reception: Friday, February 8, 5:00 pm, 2013 at Janina Monkute-Marks museum-gallery.

Authors of Exhibit:
Renata Vinckevičiūtė
Monika Kreivė
Mantas Televičius
Greta Gritėnaitė
Aleksandra Glušinaitė

Manipulation is a secret psychological impact on another person. Actually, manipulations can be observed everywhere where no logic is seen, and this is such a common way of communication that often we even fail to notice it. We are surrounded by objects and people. Houses, trees, furniture, cans, neighbors, friends, relatives and our loved ones – they all manipulate us. They influence our thoughts, our attitudes and actions.

As it is well known, a manipulator always appeals to the senses rather than to the reasonable arguments. And art is exactly the area where you can manipulate the feelings of viewers and do not experience guilt and condemnation. Viewers themselves respond to manipulations and suggestions of the artist.

The main objective of this exhibition is to present the art collections of young Lithuanian textile artists in Kedainiai. The textile artists manipulate the themes, as well as traditional and non-traditional materials selected for the expression of their works. Five artists are presented – three of them already have the Master’s Degree in Textile and two of them are very talented and productive fourth-year undergraduate students of the Textile program.

Renata Vinckeviciute (born 1984). In 2003, she entered the Textile program of VDA Kaunas Faculty; in 2011, she acquired the educational qualifications at Vilnius Academy of Arts; in 2012, she acquired the Master’s Degree in Applied Textile. Since 2003 the artist has been taking part in exhibitions and various projects. Her creations were presented in a number of exhibitions representing Textile Department of VDA Kaunas Faculty. As an artist, Renata Vinckeviciute participates in various group exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, France and Germany. She is an active participant of contemporary art and textile biennials, who have organized two solo exhibitions (in the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University, in Kairenai, and in Art Gallery of Erika Stelmokiene, in Kaunas).

For her creations the artist uses non-traditional, hard-transforming material – sandpaper. This material is extremely interesting from a technological and ideological perspective of the creation of art objects. Using her works of art the author manipulates the physical and emotional sensations of viewers and applies the principles of fabric imitation. The most common themes are related to the period of childhood and the context of modern realities.

Monika Kreive (born 1986) has become acquainted with textile only during her undergraduate studies. Since then she has been engaged in creative activities. In 2011, she acquired the Master’s Degree in Applied Textile at VDA Kaunas Faculty. Monika Kreive is an active, forward-thinking and modern artist. Her creative works have been presented in more than ten different exhibitions and art projects. The artist also organized a single solo exhibition (in Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts).

Monika Kreive has chosen the theme of transformation of a male image as the key aspect of her artworks. She analyzes the lost positions of a male in the family and in the society, concentrates on the themes of sexuality, life and goals of a man. This exhibition is not an exception – the author also explores the theories of a conflict between genders and generations. In this exhibition M. Kreive uses silk-screen printing and embroidery as a means of expression for her creative works; she mostly concentrates on the wish to perpetuate the memories of her grandfather, in a way refusing to acknowledge his passing. Initially starting everything as a joke but later seriously, the artist takes a look at the problems of the male’s family continuation via a personal relationship with her grandfather, who was the last successor of Petraiciai family. This way her artworks actualize the male line continuity in her family, as well as its meaning.

Mantas Televicius (born 1986) is an artist, textile artist and art therapist. He has the Master’s Degree in Textile of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The main areas of interest include the theory and practice of art therapy. As an artist, Mantas Televicius has been participating in various group exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Belgium; moreover, he organized a personal exhibition “Virtual Identity” in the Gallery “Artifex”. He also participated in Vilnius Contemporary Art Fair “ArtVilnius”, as well as in Warsaw Textile Biennial.

His artistic creations analyze the relationship between people, as well as the virtual world. His conceptual art is directly related to the interpretations of viewers, their deep look into the work. This way the author seeks to force, to intrigue the viewers to look at themselves, to start to analyze. The majority of the objects are created using the knitting technique. According to the author, knitting is not only a technique perfectly fulfilling his ideas, but also a play on words. After all, the word “knit” is used not only in the language of textile, but also for a mutual interaction.

Greta Gritenaite (born 1990). In 2009, joined the Textile undergraduate program at VDA Vilnius Faculty. At the moment she is the final year student and has participated in more than one exhibition representing Textile Department of VDA.

From the very first year of her studies Greta Gritenaite stood out as a conceptually thinking and critical creator. Despite an attractive visualization, perfectly matching textile materials and technology, in her creations she always goes beyond the boundaries of an esthetic object dealing with a relevant social problem not only resonating in the modern society but also important to her. Consequently, even though her collection of artworks is affected by the tasks dealt with during her studies, Greta remains individual and her creations all have a single slightly snappy-slightly sarcastic style, which allows a viewer not only to admire but also to give a thought.

Greta is unwilling to summarize and name her creations by words, and the process itself is probably also too intimate to share it with others. However, she speaks with her artworks, and the contact via them is really sincere, felt and true.

Aleksandra Glusinaite (born 1990). In 2009, she graduated from the specialty of Graphics of M. K. Ciurlionis Gymnasium of Arts and in the same year she joined the Textile undergraduate program of VDA Textile Department. At the moment she is the final year student. She has already organized a solo exhibition (in the Library of Naujoji Vilnia, 2012) and participated in a series of exhibitions representing Textile Department of VDA.

Aleksandra Glusinaite is a creator who has already discovered her distinctive style, although she is still at the beginning of her creative path. Her creations develop the themes that concentrate on the artist herself, her peers and urban subcultures. In trying to summarize the collection of works created during four years of the Textile undergraduate studies, the author says: “I try to rely on the personal experience and feelings rather than on the works of art or literature created by other artists”.

The young artist stresses that she deliberately try to maintain a single style of her creations. It is therefore not surprising that when exhibited with other pieces of art every creation, even telling a distinctive story, becomes a part of a single story, or a solid worldview; they all complement each other. Aleksandra is a self-critical and strong personality, who has a stronger influence on the environment than the environment has on her; she often becomes not only a narrator but also a character of her stories.

 The Exhibition Curators:
Curator of J. Monkute-Marks Museum Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune

Head of VDA Textile Department Laura Pavilonyte