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Exhibition by teachers of Vilnius J.Vienožinskis Art School “EXPRESSION – POP”

2014 June 11 @ 10:00 - 2014 July 13 @ 10:00

Peers, colleagues, the fold, fellow-speakers (all exhibitors are teachers at J.Vienožinskis Art School), representatives of almost the same trend of art – this way we perhaps are able to describe the context of this exhibition. However, this is only a joke. In fact, this is not a manifestation exhibition of any trend of art or any artistic group. This is an experience and common approach towards creation as a connecting element of Vilnius artists, who are united by more or less similar attitude towards the world. The exhibition presents pieces of art of different touch, style and form, disclosing the general laws of life and situations important to humanity.

This is an exhibition by friends, simply friends.

Gediminas Piekuras
Kazys Venclovas
Linas Liandzbergis
Mantas Maziliauskas
Valdas Aničas
Vida Sevrukienė
Vytautas Vasiliūnas

Curator Linas Liandzbergis

 The exhibition presentation and meeting with the authors was held on June 28th, 1:00 pm.