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Exhibition of GIFT WORKS

2013 May 31 @ 17:00 - 2013 July 13 @ 12:00

The fabulous creations by different techniques and of different fibers by 70 artists from 14 countries: Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Norway, Belgium, France, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Japan, USA, Indonesia.

The museum’s mission is the cultural and educational commitment: to share with people the life of art, to present the dynamics and diversity of creative work, to take part in the country’s and Kedainiai cultural life through organizing exhibitions, symposia, lectures, literary evenings, musical concerts and educational philanthropy projects.

This time Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery shares with you, dear visitors, the artistic heritage cumulated during the twelve years. The exposition consists of textile, painting, photography, ceramics, prints, leather art works. The halls are friendly shared by different artists whose works differ in style and technique.

The works reflect the individuality of the artists’ style: from personal discoveries, that combine several art branches, to traditional, though in their own way conveyed techniques.

At the exhibition you will be able to see 108 works of artists: Zinaida Dargienė Lithuania, Zita Sodeikienė USA, Ina Nenortas USA, Vitolda Veriankaitė Lithuania, Ilona Padimanskienė Lithuania, Dalia Madrona Lopez Sweden, Monika Lapinskaitė Lithuania, Audrius V. Plioplys USA, Magdalena Birutė Stankūnė USA, Giedrė Valtaitė Lithuania, Jūratė Petruškevičienė Lithuania, Regina Palaitytė-Benson USA, Ada Sutkus USA, Philip Guesdon France, Odon France, Algirdas Petrulis Lithuania, Jūratė Mykolaitytė Lithuania, Giedrė Žumbakienė USA, Egidijus Rudinskas Lithuania, Nele Zirnite Latvia, Aleksandras Macijauskas Lithuania, Romualdas Požerskis Lithuania, Stasys Padalevičius Lithuania, Algimantas Kezys USA, Gintaras Česonis Lithuania, Klaudijus Petrulis Lithuania, Edita Rydhag Lithuania, Mindaugas Žarys Lithuania, Viktoras Bieliauskas Lithuania, Kristina Ancutaitė and Darius Barčas Lithuania, Ričardas Širvelis Lithuania, Ala Červonikova Lithuania, Artūras Stančikas Lithuania, Arūnas Augutis Lithuania, Remigijus Kriukas Lithuania, Viktoras Petravičius, 1971 USA, Julius Urbanavičius Lithuania, Antanas Adomaitis Lithuania, Modestas Malinauskas Lithuania, Airida Rikštytė Lithuania, Vanda Baturienė Lithuania, Mikalina Vyšniauskienė Lithuania, Igoris Korsakovas Lithuania, Julija Vosyliūtė Lithuania, Maja Andrey Switzerland, Marina Majcen Italy, Rodrigo M. Negreira USA, Raffaella Norcini Pala Italy, Danuta Haremska Norway, Kakuko Ishii Japan, Mitsue Ito Japan, Haruko Honma Japan, Yukako Sorai Japan, Kyoko Ueda Japan, Ken Kagajo Japan, Koko Shimomura Japan, Junko Suzuki Japan, Hideaki Kizaki Japan, Rieko Yashiro Japan, Yasuko Iyanaga Japan, Erny Piret France, Sabine Zeiler Germany, Aija Baumane Latvia, Jean-Michel Letellier And Miki Nakamura Nid France, Japan, Annamaria Atturo Italy, Helena Santos Portugal, Heidrun Schimmel Germany, Aud Bækkelund Norway, Yolaine Frühauf Switzerland, Susan Bowman England, Jeannine De Raeymaecker Belgium, Marie Jeanne Boyon France, Esti Siti Amanah Gandama Indonesia, Kahfiati Kahdar Indonesia.

We can only be happy that Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery has gathered such a great number of art works that decorate its spaces.