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Exhibition of paintings and photogravure etchings “HEARTBEATS OF THE COSMOS“ by three artists from three continents

2014 April 18 @ 17:00 - 2014 June 7 @ 12:00

Opening reception: 5:00 pm, Friday, April 18, 2014 at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery
Closing date: June 7, 2014.


Sponsor: Art salon “Stiklių namas”

Asian art in its migration to the rest of the world draws on a vast antiquity, yet is adapted by the three artists in this exhibit in ways that make it accessible to all.

The inter-penetration of natural forms and human emotions distinguishes their work – Roman Kames’ cosmic forms, Hisako Kobayashi’s flowing currents, and Peter Miller’s Zen-minimalist light-and-shadow tone poems. All three live in countries other than where they were born, and have worked in other fields besides art. They have integrated their lifetime experiences, travels, and studies into their artwork. Asian forms and practices are ‘second nature’ to them, without artifice or contrivance, and freely mingled with  contemporary observations. This exhibit introduces a new view of Asian art, a departure from the exotic, toward a whole-hearted embrace of Asian sensibilities in the world at large.

 Roman Kames

–        Born in Prague, resident of Paris

–        Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris 1973-77

–        Exhibitions throughout Europe since 1986

–        Designer/publisher of art books

–        Organizer of childrens’ art classes in Ladakh and India

 Hisako Kobayashi

–        70 solo exhibitions and 60 group exhibitions in North America, Europe, and Japan since 1992

–         Born in Japan, resident of New York City, NY

–         ‘ The paintings are nearly sacramental in their devotion to the spiritual, its tricks of light, its depth of feeling, and its expression of a quiet loveliness.’ – Johnathan Goodman

–         ‘I want a poetic process in my work which harmonizes the disorder of nature, our nature – the way music can sometimes embrace the illogical impulses that both fuel and disrupt our lives.’ – Hisako Kobayashi

Peter Miller

–        Born Pennsylvania, U.S.A., resident of Kamakura, Japan

–        One of the world’s only practitioners of the complete cycle of photogravure etching

–        Created and published 300 editions since founding The Kamakura Print Collection in 1991

–        30 solo exhibitions in Japan, America, Europe and Russia since 1992