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Ilona Žvinakienė “ON THE WAY HOME”

2021 November 19 @ 10:00 - 2022 January 8 @ 12:00

What is painting for?  Why has it existed for many centuries and survived to this day in spite of all the crises and changes? One of the reasons must be the artist’s ability to create worlds and to be the Creator. It depends solely on the artist what kind of world it will be, what images he/she will fill the new universe of his/her paintings with. Painting is the convergence of two worlds: the world of images – ideas and the world of matter – paints expressed on canvas. And the viewer becomes a traveller in this universe experiencing the author‘s emotions and being filled with his/her images.

Ilona‘s paintings is a journey into the universe of happiness. Looking at them we feel the delight and inspiring lightness of spring, the infinite dreaminess and tranquility of flowering fields, the passion and brightness of summer flowers, the sweet tenderness of a kiss, the meditative thoughtfulness of a chilly forest, the freshness of the lagoon water and the warm golden sun.

To express each emotion, the artist selects her own plot as well as motive and embodies them using different techniques from expressive sweeping, bringing the image to the border of abstraction to exquisite calligraphic-linear, as close as possible to reality. The dabs of paint are applied so skillfully that we derive great pleasure from contemplating the world of matter.

The variety of techniques and positive emotions demonstrates the painter‘s talent and the highest level of professionalism. The artist Ilona Žvinakienė achieves a rare harmony of content and form. She has the gift of seeing beauty in simple motives of the nature of her native land and conveying the joy of being in its infinite diversity.

Marina Chekmareva PhD,
Partner of the Institute for Creative Mind “AMRES ART“,
art critic, art historian
(The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg)