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International exhibition “THE WORLD OF DOLLS & WOODLAND FAIRIES“

2009 September 4 @ 17:00 - 2009 October 17 @ 17:00

Artists from Lithuania, Latvia and the United States of America were participating in this exhibit. 

The exhibit has been extended until October 23, 2009

From the 4th of September the inhabitants of Kedainiai get into the wonderful, glamorous and delicate world of dolls and fairies. 38 artists-doll makers from The United States of America, Canada, Lithuania and Latvia participated in this international exhibit. More than a hundred original and artistic dolls were exhibited.

Doll makers join various guilds and art organizations so that more and more people could get acquainted with their creative work, and it would be easier to realize the artworks. American artists organize into a well-known EDAC conference (Anthropomorphic, Representational and Traditional Dolls, or ART dolls from America). “American dolls are made of textile material by the ‘enchanted doll artists’-instructors or the participants of the annual doll conference, which takes place in New Mexico. For about 40 years this art form has been quietly developing in America and it has finally become a form of the dramatic art. The doll image as a training technique, decorative icon and communication tool has grown into a more formalized ART form. The ingenuity of this art form is unfortunately limited even for talent artists with individual abilities. While seeing the results, we are astonished by the variety and spiritual wealth of the participants. From “Show-girls” to historical figures – the creation remains the same. Mermaids and dwarfs are climbing on stands while fairies are hiding behind flowers.

One of the best images of this organization is the time devoted to tutelage. These conferences take place in all parts of the USA. “The enchanted artists” introduce design and technique to the public” (Suzy Butler).

The doll artist Elizabeth Nagys is responsible for the American artists’ exhibit in Kedainiai. 21 artists (19 American and 2 Canadian) will introduce their dolls and their pin dolls at the exhibit.

Artists from the Baltic States are also members of some organizations. Most of the Lithuanian artists and the five Latvian doll makers who participate at the exhibit joined the newly established Baltic Guild.

“The Baltic Guild of doll and toy artists was established on 6th April, 2009. The main purpose was to found a voluntary, non-commercial organization, which promotes the art of creating authorial dolls in the Baltic States. Famous artists and novices – as well as collectors or people who just like authorial dolls and are ready to help expand this sphere of art – can become members of the Guild. “We seek that the artwork created by the Baltic artists would not disappear among the plenitude of works created by the artists from other countries, and we try to retain our local colour and individuality”.

The Guild offers several types of membership: a master, an apprentice, a collector and a patron. Membership in the Guild is an opportunity to find similar thinking friends and new acquaintances, to take part in new meetings, to advertise oneself, one’s own country, and to popularize creation towards foreign countries as well as to gain grateful art lovers and strict critics. The participation in local and international exhibits is ensured. Moreover, one can be granted an aid while receiving and sending the artworks. Members of the Guild are given an opportunity to attend classes and master courses, which are given by either local artists or famous doll makers invited from other countries. It is also an opportunity to publicize one’s own artworks on the web site of the Guild, which also provides a chance to sell works, to consult, and buy materials and necessary supplies for making dolls.“

Members of the Baltic Guild who participate in the exhibit “The World of Dolls and Woodland Fairies” are as follows: Latvian artists Firuza Ignatova, Tamara Chudnovska, Olga Novikova-Kopejkina, Olga Gudisa and Helena Mihailova, and Lithuanian artists Jurate Dovydenaite, Romualda Jureviciene, Lukrecija Sidlauskiene, Ingrida Grigorevic-Sukiene, Ole Abramova and Ina Smirnova.  

Curator Asta Fedaravičiūtė-Jasiūnė

The video clip of pop choir „Šypsena” song „Neklaužada lėlytė” created in Janina Monkute-Marks museum.