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Art Exhibition of Janina Monkute-Marks. Graphics.

2017 October 27 @ 08:00 - 2018 February 10 @ 12:00

Exhibition place: Krakės cultural center (Laisvės a. 1, Krakės)

“Linoleum block print is my favorite printmaking technique. I approach it as spontaneous knife drawing”.

 /Janina Monkutė-Marks/

“Some of the artist’s prints imitate the compositional scheme of traditional folk art (“My Road”, “Angel”), but much more significant is the influence on Janina Marks of one of her teachers, Viktoras Petravicius. Like Petravicius’ prints, which are considered classics of Lithuanian art, her linoleum block prints combine the rough shaping of individual forms geometric ornaments – are substantial and generalized, represented not only by a contour line but also by entire silhouette. The artist fully employs the deep contrast and intensity characteristic of linoleum block printing. Black and white spaces seem intertwined and equally important in Janina Marks’ prints on rice paper. This black-and-white rhythm takes over the story and creates the effect of an ornament in such prints as In “The Backwoods” and “Birds of Paradise”.

Some of Janina Marks’ most beautiful prints include symbols, which laconically suggest pre-Christian wisdom. These symbols unite floral anthropomorphic allusions, geometric abstractions, traditional ornaments and the artist’s original motifs into a mysterious magical world. Equally impressive are the large artist’s proofs, such as “Man and Woman” and “Jamaica Revisited”, produced from several blocks of linoleum. The large size reveals the outstanding compositional skills and sensitive printing technique (she often uses a simple table-spoon) of the artist. The artist’s proofs are hand-painted in watercolor. The combination of solid black lines and silhouettes together with bright, warm colors results in a stained glass like effect.”                                  

By Danas Lapkus

Curator of the exhibit Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune