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JAPANESE FIBER ART From J. Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery collection in “Ethno”, the 10th international biennial of textile miniatures

2017 November 14 @ 18:00 - 2017 December 9 @ 18:00

Location: LAA Gallery ARKA, Ausros Vartu 7, Vilnius

Ethno, the 10th – anniversary – international biennial of textile miniatures, is dedicated to the upcoming centenary of Lithuanian statehood and to the Year of National Costume 2017. The curator of the exhibition is Žydrė Ridulytė. It displays works of 110 artists from 24 countries who contemplate the issues of ethnic uniqueness, who believe that the manifestations of national identity become even more relevant in the current context of globalisation, cosmopolitanism, and convergence of artistic forms. They find it important to emphasise the ethnic individuality of their works and to dress it in a garb of modernity to become recognisable and intriguing to the viewers of other countries. The geography of the exhibition is very wide, from our nearest neighbours (Latvians, Estonians and Polish) to creators from Scandinavian countries to textile artists from the distant Japan or Malaysia.

The Biennial is complemented by an exhibition of small-sized fibre artworks by Japanese artists from the stock of Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum-Gallery in Kėdainiai. A collection of more than 40 works collected by curators from Kėdainiai in cooperation with Japanese artists demonstrates Japanese textile art traditions and their unrivalled ability to tell so much in very minimalistic artistic forms. The curator of the collection is an artist Kakuko Ishii.

In addition, this feast of textiles will be enriched by the exhibition ornaMEnt by the textiles duo Džina Jasiūnienė and Lina Zavadskė who demonstrate their differing views to textile ornaments and a shared objective to individualise them and express their understanding of aesthetics and their relationship with historical and ethnical heritage.

Lijana Šatavičiūtė-Natalevičienė