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Painting exhibition “DEDICATIONS” by Jarl Aleksandr Branting

2017 September 22 @ 16:00 - 2017 October 13 @ 18:00

                                            EXHIBITION OF PICTURES “DEDICATIONS”

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce myself: to shortly tell about my exhibition of pictures. The topic of the exhibition shows its content: the title is intended to present certain topics, also to mention what one could be able to see in the exhibition. My name and surname show who I am. This is the purpose of all the names and surnames. I am Jarl Branting. If you have ever seen me, my face should emerge in front of your eyes while pronouncing this Swedish spell. Glass from my spectacles. Or maybe acne under my nose?..

I dedicate my picture exhibition to people, things, places, animals – to all and everything significant to me for the time being. Concerning the word MOZE, for me, is primarily our sweet cat, not the prophet. And Jormungand is not an alien foreign word. By the way, the word does not mean anything until you get to know its meaning. By the way, each word has different significance for us: well, at least it relates to different things, experiences. But that is the area of Freud.

The art reveals this very well. It is not only the perception of words that differ, but also the vision of our world. Likewise, the taste of the same (non-alcoholic) wine cannot be perceived the same way, so we are all seeing the world differently. After all, the sky is not just blue, the sun – yellow and the sea blue. After all, this is like our growth: as a child, I was thinking of the world as a bright, colour-bearing wholesome entity. The sun was yellow, people walked like Macedonian monsters: the body consisted only of the head and legs. This universe has evolved, it has changed. The people in my pictures, with time, have gained a different form. And finally, the sky has merged, became multi-coloured. After all, it is childhood when everything looks simple.

In case you understood, I tell you about the world as I saw and see it. The pictures are about my evolution, which is not human in general, but mine. After all, the world is changing, and one cannot stay the same, it is not the case. After all, people have not only their heads and legs, as I have perceived them in my early childhood. Nowadays I imagine, feel, see draw and paint in a different way. This is what I today call my colourful dedications. Important events, people, things, animals are reborn in my imagination, while the bright colours flow on the white canvas… This exhibition also reveals a peculiar “biography” of mine.

Yours respectfully,

Jarl Branting (first year student at Vilnius Lyceum)
Vilnius, 19 September, 2017