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Julius Urbanavicius – Exhibition of Paintings and Wooden Sculptures “ILLUSTRATIONS…”, Leokadija Norbutiene-Mockiene – Creative Exhibition “MYSTICISM”, Vytautas Kaupys – “KEDAINIAI IN THE OLDEN DAYS”

2018 April 27 @ 17:00 - 2018 June 3 @ 12:00

Exhibition of Paintings and Wooden Sculptures “ILIUSTRATIONS …”

Julius Urbanavicius was born in Kaunas on April 12, 1948. In 1973, he graduated from the then Faculty of Chemical Technology of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. He started working at Klaipeda Wood-Pulp Mill according to the acquired specialty.

His interest in art started in 1977. Since then he has participated in various exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad. In 1978, he started attending the art studio “Guboja” in Klaipeda. In 1979, he joined the Lithuanian Folk Art Society. In 1980, Julius Urbanavicius moved to Kedainiai with his family. Since the 1980s, he has participated in general exhibitions of Kedainiai District and the state. He also organized individual exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.

In 1993, the life of Julius Urbanavicius changed considerably as after the competition his project was included in the creative camp-symposium of Zalgiris Park at Cinkiskiai. There he built a 6-meter-high sculpture, and this began his period of monumental sculptures. In 1995, he was invited to Denmark for the first time and have been visiting this country every summer. In 1999, Julius opened the studio for adults “Guoba”. He have been organizing republican and international symposiums of sculptures in Kedainiai; he also led the Kedainiai Regional Art Society, organized creative exhibitions of its members in Kedainiai and other cities of Lithuania. In 2004, he was awarded as an artist of the year and in 2005 awarded with the Cultural Prize of Kedainiai Region.

Julius Urbanavicius participated in 25 international symposia-camps in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Denmark. Over 120 sculptures have been created in Lithuania, over 200 in Denmark, 6 in the Czech Republic, 25 in Germany and one in South Africa. During the entire creative period, he presented about 2,500 paintings that can be found not only in Lithuania but also abroad.

Julius Urbanavicius have been presenting his art exhibitions in Kedainiai every five years since 1988. They are like his creative reports. Thus, the exhibition “Illustrations …” presents the last five years of his creations – wooden sculptures and colorful paintings on various topics.

Creative Exhibition “MYSTICISM”

Leokadija Mockiene was born in the family of office workers living in Radviliskis District on December 18, 1940. In 1941, her family settled near Kedainiai Military Air Base, where they faced the scars of World War II. Her father passed away when she was only five. Her mother worked at Kedainiai Tin Factory. The family lived in the neighborhood of painter Kajetonas Sklerius and writer Juozas Paukstelis. In school, Leokadija attended an art group. Later she worked as a saleswoman in the Consumer Cooperative, took care for her mother and other relatives.

Leokadija is a member of Kedainiai Regional Art Society, writer, poet, romance song writer and singer, graphic artist and illustrator of books. Although Leokadija started to draw back at school, she did not have the possibilities to study art. She started painting in her fifties under the supervision of her teachers – folk artists Algis Augustaitis, Julius Urbanavicius and Mindaugas Pozeckas. At first she painted landscapes, portraits, and stills, and later began to fill landscapes with more flair, fantasies, feelings, and visions of unconsciousness. She was quite successful in creating colorful paintings with a laconic stain and line structure. With time she turned to thematic compositions. The works by Leokadija Mockiene are kept in the private collections in Lithuania, Sweden, Germany and Canada.

Since 1995, the author has been organizing personal exhibitions in Kedainiai Region, Rietavas, Palanga, Jonava, Joniskis, Truskava, Nociunai and Germany. Since 2004, she has been participating in the national literary competition “Prose Granaries”. In 2013, Leokadija Norbutiene-Mockiene was nominated „the Altruist of the Year“ in Kedainiai National Women’s Election, organized by Kedainiai Culture Center. She is the founder of the artistic song group “Arti”, a member of Kedainiai Poet’s Club “Varsna”, as well as a member of Kedainiai Writers and Artists’ Association of the Country Writers‘ Association in Lithuania “Rainbow Bridges”. Leokadija published four of her poetry books, the most precious of which is the very first under the title “Life Cycle of the Dandelion”. Later “Scattered Words”, “Grandmother’s Tales”, “Necklaces of the Moments” were published. She also published the fantasy book “The Son of God Fantasy” by her late ex-husband Vytautas Norbutas. Her poetry is published not only in the regional, but also in the republican press, as well as the journal “Millennium Ring”, etc.

The Exhibition “Mystique” presents Leokadija’s paintings and works created using various techniques and divided into the cycles of winter, spring, fantasy, mysticism, Kedainiai City and paper cuts.


Vytautas Kaupys was born in Radviliskis on April 1, 1950.

In 1967, he graduated from the Secondary School of V. Valsiuniene, and in the same year joined the Faculty of Mechanics of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. In 1972, he graduated from the Institute and acquired the degree in mechanical engineering of equipment and machines for Chemical industry. He was appointed for a work at the then Kedainiai Chemical Group of Enterprises (now “Lifosa”, AB), where he currently occupy the position of a director of Technical development department.

Vytautas began painting in 1986. His first exhibition took place in 1986 in the Polish People‘s Republic, Opales Voivodship, the city of Nysa, where the socialist country artists’ pleinair painting was organized. The exhibition was presented by the Nysa Department of the Polish–Soviet Friendship Society (at that time Vytautas lived and worked in the city of Nysa on a long-term business trip).

Later he took part in exhibitions organized by Kedainiai folk artists. There was a moment in the life of the author when his hands had not touched the brush for about 10 years; however, later Vytautas became interested in graphics and with the help of this technique tried to present a lovely, beautiful and rapidly changing city of Kedainiai. Vytautas actively participates in group exhibitions organized by Kedainiai Regional Art Society. The Lithuanian-Swedish Society of Kedainiai organized an exhibition of Vytautas in Sweden.

Vytautas Kaupys takes inspiration from historical photographs of Kedainiai, which were discovered in the funds of the Kedainiai Regional Museum. The exhibition “Kedainiai in the Olden Days” presents a thorough works created using a feather and an Indian ink.

Curator Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune