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Ceramic Exhibition “WHAT DO I LIVE FOR”

2017 March 3 @ 17:00 - 2017 April 15 @ 12:00

Three older generation ceramic artists from different parts and cities of Lithuania are presented in the exhibition “What do I live for”: Daiva Lozyte (Klaipeda), Algimantas Patamsis (Vilnius), and Audrone Dambrauskiene-Siurkiene (Kaunas). All three of them are united with one love – love for ceramics, and they chose to express their ideas with stone mass, clay or porcelain. Audrone Dambrauskiene-Siurkiene admits that clay is a very thankful material which is so flexible, that you can make almost anything out of it – here the artist is expressing as a painter, as a graphics designer and a sculpturer. You can fix the artwork, start it again, evolve it to a complete fulfilling of the idea if it is made out of clay.


Born in 1957. Studied ceramics in 1979 – 1984 at VDI (now Vilnius Academy of Arts). Attending exhibitions since 1983 in Lithuania, Tajikistan, Russia, Poland, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, the USA. Resides and creates artwork in the port city of Lithuania – Klaipeda since 1984. Became a part of the Lithuanian artist union member, and received an art creator status in 2005. Awarded with “Star of the Sea” in 2006 for creativity,  social activities and an input to the Lithuanian cultural life and spreading in the world. Got a scholarship of art creator from the council of Klaipeda in 2013. Organized 23 personal and took part in more than 170 joint exhibitions, 2 symposiums.

“Sensibilities – the third  figurine composition cycle like the continuation of the previous ones – the first “Dolls” hatched from the memories of childhood and presented in Gallery XX in 1996, and the second one “Mona”,  XX, which was orientated to one and only, not a lonely persons’ life – connected with human feelings, moods. It was meant to see the world due to receiving the art creator scholarship in years 2013 – 2014.

Twelve sculptural composition cycle is shown in this exhibition – my fragile touch to the non-material – senses. An experience that has been hidden deep inside of me had bursted out. A wonderful adventure – on the terrace of the Raguva manor a local raven smacked me to the lips and caused pain, but in the conciousness I captured the emotion, the feeling, and it became a vision that would not leave, which is the first work of this cycle – “Kiss”.  A feeling that you can not sense or touch is hidden inside of us when we are still fetuses. The creation of this cycle was an inseparable state of bliss, and a mature, full-term idea was born like a river, streaming – blisfully and lightly.”


The artist was born in 1953 in the Lithuanian capital – Vilnius. He finished ceramic studies in the Lithuanian art institute (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) at 1979. From 1979 to  1984 was a scientific research institute “Thermoisolation” artist. Attending exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad since 1979. A part of Lithuanian union of artists from 1985 to these days. Has 11 personal and 23 joint exhibitions in his account.

Galaxy clusters, stars sparkling in the sky, rare gems, hoarfrosted window patterns – all of these can be seen on the surface of Algimantas Patamsis ceramic ware. He is one of the rarest contemporary ceramists in Lithuania, decorating with crystal glaze. The only one in Lithuania, one of a few in the world which are counted as “crystal alchemists”. „A simple shape, a complexed glaze or a hard technology process is an outcome, giving pleasure“, – this is how the artist specifies his artwork.

Having started to attend the exhibitions since 1980, and introduced the unique artworks in Lithuania and abroad, today A. Patamsis is evaluated as one of the best ceramic technology masters. In 2005 the ceramist had attended the first international crystal glaze exhibition “Crystallines”, taken part in France, the city of Vallauris. In 2013 – international congress “Cristalls 2013” exhibition in Spain, the city of La Bisbal d Emporda.


Born in 1953, the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius. Currently resides in the second largest city of Lithuania – Kaunas. Graduated the J. Naujalis art school (now Kaunas art gymnasium) in 1971; and graduated the Vilnius Institute of Arts Kaunas Faculty of Applied Arts in 1979, with the profession of ceramics. The artist has two personal and eight joint exhibitions in her account. Recently the ceramist has a lot of art ideas, which are easier to fulfill, having discovered the sponsors YIT Kausta and getting a workshop close to home.

“With my artworks I want to say, that stones are witnesses which, perhaps, are the only ones that are “living” and collecting everything that passes through inside of them: eras, cataclysms, vicissitudes of history, destinies of humans… Therefore I am trying to open those stones in my vision, to release the information, hidden deep inside of them. Using the portrait – facial opportunities I convey the mood, feelings, open the doors and windows, build stairs. Not only stones, but cliffs, and mountains, and mounds are hiding a long past inside of them, and their faces – faces of stone – are calm, concentrated, meditating, often looking at the sky, where there is also a lot of secrets and different worlds…

Just after a trip around Greece I emphatized with stones that have been laying on Earth for billions of years, and the vibrations they were spreading – I fell in love with them all, the time and life impressions that passed them. I am trying to express it for several years, using fantasy, not projecting and preparing anything in advance. So, having a piece of clay in my hands – I never know, what ideas I will have to catch, thinking about one or another face of stones, to cease and capture current or emerging, erupting creature faces.”

Curator of the exhibition – Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune

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