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Kristina Paulauskaitė-Ramonaitienė and Marius Ramonaitis “YESTERDAY / TOMORROW”

April 22 @ 17:00 - June 5 @ 12:00

They say it is worth living in the present day, in the present moment… Have you already learned to live like this?..

Kristina Paulauskaitė-Ramonaitienė and Marius Ramonaitis, the couple of ceramists connected in life and creativity, arranged the exhibition YESTERDAY / TOMORROW. Ceramics has joined the artists during their studies in the Justinas Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, and leads them this path further. Since graduation in 2011, both of them have participated in the collective ceramics exhibitions. The artists improve their mastery in this field every day: working with a clay, creating interior details, implementing individual projects, making presents for celebrations, crockery and other items. The authors launched a website Pukmuse.lt “Ceramics for You and Your Home”. Marius, who gentlemanly gave up a creative space in workshop to his wife Kristina, has lately been busy with technical part of ceramic craft, helping to realise the ideas and creating “in the background”. Thus, this exhibition is a realisation of a long kept idea to demonstrate what the artists have created separately and together, what they have left untold, but showed by a touch of four hands.

Kristina Paulauskaitė-Ramonaitienė has been a member of the Lithuanian Artists‘ Association since 2016. She has been an active participant of Lithuanian and foreign collective exhibitions since 2011. The artist has already arranged five personal exhibitions. This is the sixth and, at the same time, the first personal family’s exhibition. According to Kristina, she is not afraid to experiment: “This is the way to find wider possibilities of ceramic art. Ceramics for me means a constant play, experiments and inexhaustible possibilities to realize ideas in spatial works. Creating them, I attempt to express my ideas, which are often hard to express by words. Creation for me is a mean to talk.”

Marius Ramonaitis does not participate in exhibitions actively; rather he stays beside Kristina, helping to materialize both exhibitions and creative works technically. He gives a lot of energy to completion of individual orders, throwing, glazing, taking care about technical base of the workshop. In Marius’ creative works, pure ideas, clear shapes, subtly presented bright colours are noticeable.

In Marius’ opinion, every created item has to be completed both conceptually and technically. Good ideas are those, which arise as a clear comprehension that something in current moment is important to the society and the artist himself.

The exhibition YESTERDAY / TOMORROW can be divided into two parts. YESTERDAY is a retrospection of a common creative couple’s path.

TOMORROW is an interactive piece of work created specifically for this exhibition. It is complicated to talk about tomorrow in nowadays context, however, undoubtedly all of us think about it, have expectations, wishes, and hopes… It is not easy to follow advice “live in the present day, in the present moment”. Our commitments, responsibilities, and other matters enfold us. The interactive work “Time” invites us to play “here and now” and, at the same time, to look to the future. Every visitor of the exhibition will be given an opportunity to create his or her own clock, which might inspire to discover, feel, and do something new every hour.

The works from the first part of the exhibition, YESTERDAY, reveal a creative path of the couple, their searches and findings. Visitors can notice how the couple grew together as artists, what the stylistic differences of their works were, and how they started to resemble over time. In order to realise their creative ideas, the authors often combine ceramics with different materials, technical elements, e.g. lighting, sounds, mirrors, metal, etc. Long-term experience also allows them not to hesitate varying different ceramic techniques while moulding, stamping, using their own plaster forms, adapting the works to various electronic devices, etc. The ideas, connecting the abilities, differences, and outlooks, develop into lively works. Some works spread light, talk or in some other way invite visitors to take a closer look. The authors seek the exhibition to be lively, engaging, and revealing a new attitude to ceramics.

Marius and Kristina, both smiling, claim their wish to make ceramics alive and to invent something new from it.

The works in the exhibition reflect more than a decade of their creative path, thus showing relevant topics of the time – from emigration to “Covid-19”. The creative ideas arise along with the events in the world and our country, which are relevant to our personal environment.