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Laura Pavilonyte-Ezerskiene. Personal Exhibition „FAITH(tick)“

2016 September 16 @ 17:00 - 2016 October 29 @ 12:00

The Exhibition “FAITH(tick)” presents and summarizes the questions about art, time, textile, creation and ourselves, which are consistently prevailing my artworks and are intertwined with each other like threads.

The process of my textile object creation deliberately includes unmaking technology, which even for my grandmother was not only an ordinary distinctive aesthetic expression, but also a possibility to survive during the impoverished living conditions of the post-war era. Today I prefer using and interpreting the strategy of textile creation, including an artistic connection of separate threads and soft cloths, coming from my family, as the world and nature-sustainable technology. and believe that creativity can be useful in solving the environmental problems of an increasingly growing civilization.

I tend to use textile in my creations not only as a means of expression but also as an artistic research object. In search of its identity I contemplate one of the essential roles of textile – with the help of different technologies to put, to sew, to weave something together, and the ability to fix, to mend or unmake in order to prolong the use and presence of an object. The cycle of artworks “Textile Identity” discloses a natural environment injured or deformed under the human influence, which is metaphorically mended using ritual artistic textile movements; thus creating an impression of preservation. Beyond any doubts the aim of these actions is not to extend the use of this environment, but rather on the contrary – to rally the consumerist relationship of humanity with nature and the Earth. And vice versa – the objects in the contrasting cycle of artworks “Household Items” were not created on purpose; they were simply preserved to testify to their owners’ love for textile and life stories. Therefore, these objects are presented avoiding irony and exalting the love for things, their durable use; they also undoubtedly talk about textile identity and its primordial functions – to warm, to consolidate, to join us or even to maintain the memory.

It is no coincidence that the works “How to Become Happy”, “Territory”, etc. repeatedly use archaic geometrical symbols – the merging threads form the patterns of crosses, diamonds, spirals or networks. All of them are important to me as news from the past about the time experience, about the ability to feel the cyclical nature of time and to recognize the signs of eternity in today’s world. Even the work “UBV 76”, in a sense, is an eternal and constant repetitive signal despite its greater visualization of today’s global monitoring measured in sections and ticking like the heart of the planet Earth.

Summarizing the works of the Exhibition it is possible to state that for me textile is the connection between everyday life and existence, and that connection can be seen both on a physical and metaphysical level. The Exhibition exposure should be treated as a single textile installation with artworks somehow debating with each other, emphasizing different aspects of the same themes, expanding the possible answers to the questions about our relationship with textile leading us in life – from the cradle to the grave, and about the ticking clock and time changing definitions of art raised by the created artworks.

Author Laura Pavilonyte-Ezerskiene

The project “FAITH(tick)” is based on an individual state scholarship for the artist allocated by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.