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Leather art exhibition “The Art Partnership. LEATHER. Original, Dynamic, Active”

2011 April 15 @ 17:00 - 2011 May 28 @ 12:00

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In Lithuania, the environment for the creative development of the leather art has been offered by the Faculty of Arts of Siaulai University, as well as Justinas Vienozinskis Art Faculty of Kaunas College. Here the distinctive and unique professional studies of this genre of art have been developed, the old tradition of the leather art have been continued and new trends in the leather design have been formed. In the exhibition a visitor can witness the search of the leather art studies, as well as the artistic diversity. The motto of the exhibition is: THE ART PARTNERSHIP, which gives a meaning to the importance of a partnership in art. This is the search for creative people in the fields of the artistic leather plastic and leather design. Originality, individual decisions, creative enthusiasm and flight, expression and improvisation of the conceptual thought are reflected in the works of the young leather artists. The main aim of the exhibition is to introduce the creations of the younger generation of leather artists to the public. It also aims at broadening the traditional concept and image of the leather works through going deeper into the cultural heritage of Lithuania and other countries, searching for new ways of artistic expression, relating tradition, excellence and modernity. Starting with the year 2002, the leather study program of SU prepares annual exhibitions in various art galleries of Lithuania; they are to be organized in the future as well, concentrating on new ideological considerations. These presentations seek to reflect the changing tendencies of the contemporary artistic leather plastic and leather design, and to promote the development of the professional and unique leather art in Lithuania. By the presentations of the creations of its young leather artists, as well as the development and promotion of the leather art, and the searching for new ways of artistic expression J. Vienožinskis Faculty of Arts of Kaunas College provides the audiences with the opportunity to get acquainted with and to evaluate the efforts of this institute to continue the traditions of Lithuanian leather art by. Due to the co-operation between Siauliai and Kaunas educational institutions, the exchange of their exhibitions of leather works occurs; moreover, joint exhibitions in Kaunas and Siauliai, as well as the international workshops of leather art and artistic bookbinding are organized. The exhibition presents the academic, final and individual works of the students and graduates from the Leather Design study program of the Faculty of Arts of Siauliai University. In addition, the creations of doc. Albinas Kavaliauskas, lect. Dalia Marija Saulauskaite, and lect. Ieva Kavaliauskaite – the lecturers from this University – are also exhibited here. The exhibition also demonstrates the academic and final works of the students, as well as the creations of doc. Lolita Grabauskiene, lect. Relita Miele, lect. Ramute Toliusyte – the lecturers from Justinas Vienozinskis Faculty of Arts of Kaunas College. The artist of the Lithuanian origin, who lived in Kedainiai, bookbinder Dalia Madrona-Lopez from Sweden also participates in the exhibition. The personal experiences and mythology is the source of inspiration for the author. As a result of this, her creative works always have a symbolic meaning and their own history. The creations of Zimante Zinduliene – the leather designer from Vilnius – are also presented in the exhibition and express the feelings and sensations. This exhibition tells us that the enthusiasm of the younger generation, as well as the connection between the younger generation of new artists and designers of leather, and Lithuanian art space, is necessary. This is the impetus for the development of this unique trend of fine art.

With the help of the presented works of leather and the expressed ideas, we invite the visitors to start a dialogue concerning the things the authors try to express, to declare, and perhaps – even to challenge the well-established traditions.

Doc. Albinas Kavaliauskas


In the year 1980, the first final work using the technology of artistic leather was created in the Faculty of Arts of Siauliai University. This was a certain beginning of the appearance of the artistic leather technology in Siauliai University. Leather was started to be used for the creative and final works of the students. In 1998, the studio of leather art and design emerged as a division of the Faculty of Arts of the Department of Applied Arts and Technology. At that time the first group of students of the newly-established study program of Graphic and Applied Technologies (GAT) entered the University. The graduates of this program used to acquire the Degree of the Bachelor in Fine Arts and the artistic preparation in the fields of leather art and technologies, as well.

After the preparation of a new study program of Applied Arts and Business (AAB), encompassing the specializations of skin, clothing and floral design, in 2004, the first group of students – the professional future skin artists – entered the Faculty of Arts of Siauliai University. During the four-year-long studies the graduates of this program (the only ones in Lithuania) acquire the Degree in the Bachelor of Arts, as well as the contiguous Degree in the Bachelor of Management. In 2008, the first crop of students of this study program acquiring the Degree in the Bachelor of Arts, i.e. the future leather item designers – graduated from the University.

The subjects of the course of Leather Art and Design are taught by the well-known professional artists and widely-recognizes artists doc. A. Kavaliauskas, lect. D.M. Šaulauskaitė, and designer lect. I. Kavaliauskaite. The representatives of Šiauliai University – both studens and lecturers – have already organized a number of leather art exhibitions in various cities of Lithuania, as well as in Leipzig, Bielefeld, Lublin and many other cities abroad. They also hosted a number of international seminars, such as “Leather Art and Craft Techniques in the Modern World”, “Contemporary Trends of Artistic Bookbinding in Western Europe”, “French Bookbinding Using Leather”, etc. The lecturers and students participate in various creative activities, while the graduates of the University successfully work and create in Lithuania and abroad.

The Curator of Leather Studies
doc. Albinas Kavaliauskas albinaskaval@gmail.com


In 2001, Stepas Zukas Art Technical College (founded in 1957) was transformed into Justinas Vienozinskis Faculty of Arts of Kaunas College, where leather art was taught in the programs of Decorative Plastics and Art Pedagogy. The lecturers of this course are the members of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, who actively create and participate in national and international exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. They all graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn, with which the close relations, including the collaboration in the international Erasmus program, have been maintained. During the international internship in Germany organized in 2002, according to the Leonardo da Vinci Program by Kaunas College at the study of leather artist and designer Rene Berends the Lithuanian artists learned new techniques of leather jewelry and hot leather formation, which until then had not been used in the Baltic countries. These techniques were established in the program of the College and presented in this exhibition.

Many times the students of Justinas Vienozinskis Faculty of Arts participated in the national and international art projects. During the studies they create the collections of leather jewelry and accessories that are exhibited in the international fashion shows “Gossip” (Apkalbos) and “DIDI”. These are the art books, decorative shapes, and wall objects, which are displayed in the exhibitions of Lithuania and abroad.

The young artists present their works, which are surprising both in their themes, and their distinctive style and technology, to begin with sewing, applications, burning, soft relief formation and to end with own artistic discoveries.

Doc. Lolita Grabauskienė