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“REFRESHING COLOURS” – The Exhibition of Lithuanian painters group “INDIVIDUALISTAI”

September 16 @ 17:00 - October 22 @ 12:00

Fhirteen painters exhibit their works in this exhibition.

SVAJŪNAS ARMONAS (1951) artistically develops tradition of Lithuanian expressionism in art. His works are based on nature impressions studies. He is free in improvising on historical and mythological themes.

RIČARDAS BARTKEVIČIUS (1959) compares painting to journey to unknown direction. Although his paintings get closer and at the same time further from abstraction, they always remain connected with real word visions.

JONAS BUTKEVIČIUS (1948) paints fovistic and abstract pictures. In his works the most important thing are colors, their contrasts. He paints in “open” colors, uses reliefick surfaces.

JONAS DANILIAUSKAS (1950) speaks with the help of colors and objects. He likes travelling through villages, fixing their images which could stop existing in decades.

LINAS GELUMBAUSKAS (1970) is the best master of surfaces. In landscapes, interriors and figurative compositions he varies from soft to harsh surfaces.

PRANAS GUDAITIS (1948) creates free, emotional, of high color quality works, full of optimistic mood.

GINTARAS PALEMONAS JANONIS (1962) likes experimenting in his works. He paints landscapes, figurative compositions, interriors.

ARVYDAS KAŠAUSKAS (1959) uses fresque method of applying paint. His works are based on history of culture. They keep the secret of “emotion bomb”

JUOZAS PRANCKEVIČIUS (1952) paints nature, urban, marine landscapes, abstract compositions. His works are intense, expressive, coloristic. They simply shine and pulsate.

GIEDRĖ RIŠKUTĖ-KARINIAUSKIENĖ (1952) – professor at Vytautas Magnus University, emphasizes that nature is one of her sources of inspiration. I‘m inspired by a large space, especially near the sea – colours, changing moods. My colour is slightly ‘putdown‘, soft….I am looking for illussion of light in my works of art, watching the changing mood of nature. For me it is very important light – both in nature, both in my artworks coloristic interpretation.The art critic Jurgita Ludavičienė, “Abstract elements are also treated by this author with sensitivity and tenderness: dots, ashes, spots, interruped lines are sort of rolled up into a blanket of rippling undertones… By their subtlety, the shades used by the author allude to the French literature, for example, Gustave Flaubert “An umbrella in the colour of pigeon craw…”

ALOYZAS STASIULEVIČIUS (1931) the master of Lithuanian painting, intelectual of art through his long creative activity has gone through different creative periods – northern impressionism, expressionism, collage, conceptualism.

LILIJA VALATKIENĖ (1957) paints abstract pictures which are decorated by motives of legends, music and myths dynamicaly reflected on canvas. She is entirely intrigued by spontaneous aspect of creative process.

GRAŽINA VITARTAITĖ (1942) is faithful to tradition preserving serious aesthetic values. Her works are like musical improvisions expressed in artistic images, which turn into anthem to the world.

Exhibition curator Jonas Butkevičius