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Lithuanian Artists’ Association Synoptical Painting Exhibition “THE LOOK AT YOURSELF”

2011 September 9 @ 17:00 - 2011 October 25 @ 12:00

Lithuanian Artists’ Association
Synoptical Painting Exhibition

The synoptical exhibition of Lithuanian painters provides the opportunity to see new artistic discoveries, and to compare them with the works from the previous years. This exhibition is something like the painters’ annual report, a certain test of the creative pulse. Until now, this kind of exhibitions had been organized as “fetched up”, and had been attended by the members of the section from the Lithuanian Artists’ Association alone. This year, it has been decided to let non-artists to present their paintings as well, also including the artists that are not the members of the Association. In the exhibition “The Look at Yourself”, almost eighty different artists of various generations, employing different plastic languages, and largely reflecting the painting face of Vilnius, present their creations.

Art critic Nijole Nevcesauskiene notes: “The current mass culture denotes the idea that the look at yourself is not interesting or fashionable; it has accustomed us to peek at others. Not many meanings of the word “look” can be observed ​​in the Lithuanian language (Dictionary of Synonyms by A. Lyberis). On their basis, the quality of look is measured by the normal “peeks and glances”.

The aspect of self-portrait reminds a viewer that ever since the earliest times one of the main goals of an artist has been the understanding, interpretation and commemoration of his/her own internal/external phenomena and the events of the world. According to V. Kandinsky, art is the outer expression of the inner need. The path in searching for the ways to speak the voice of self – even if it is a professed or played truth – is the uncovering, auto-analysis, along with a constant wandering. This is a complex process, in which, according to Robert Mo­therwell, the experiences that are the most important for the artist must be strong, direct, open, palpable, balanced, honest, and alive.”

Well-known painters, such as A. Stasiulevicius, J. Daniliauskas B. Grazys, R. Martinenas, D. Kasciunaite, M. Skudutis, participate in the exhibition. The creations of young artists – M. Furmanaviciute, J. Kyzikaite (the winners of the Young Artist Award) and others – can also be witnessed among the works presented here. In the exhibition, some pieces of art of the painters, who rarely exhibit their works, but are appreciated by the art lovers, can also be observed. Artists look for the creative impulses in the interpretation of traditions; they create modern works on the issues of contemporary human experience filled with cultural associations. The exhibition is heterogeneous, multiple, full of many meanings, as a result of which every art lover will certainly find the works of art that could be close to his/her heart.

The curators of the exhibition – The Painters’ Section of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association,
Chairwoman – Arune Tornau