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The Youth Activity Project of Kedainiai District Municipality “FUTURE MUSEUM OPEN FOR YOUTH”

2013 May 2 @ 10:00 - 2013 June 8 @ 12:00

The project was carried out during the days 2-31 of May. The youth of Kedainiai “Atzalynas”, Kedainiai sviesioji Gymnasiums, association “Isvien” and the museum volunteers participated in the project.

The exhibition of this project was presented from May 31st to June 8th.

Project was sponsored by Kedainiai District Municipality.

The Youth Activity Project of Kedainiai District Municipality

From the beginning of May 2nd when the first meeting with the participants of The Youth Activity Project “Future Museum Open for Youth” of Kedainiai District Municipality took place, a hearty laughter did not cease at the museum. Several times per week Janina Monkute-Marks Museum – Gallery was visited by art-lovers or, as we hope, the new museum volunteers. We are glad that at the end of the month the majority was calling themselves volunteers.

When we were preparing the project for Kedainiai District Municipality, our main objective was to organize for the youth a fascinating and unique European Museum Night. To be precise, we hoped that the youth on their own initiative will contribute to the organization and realization of the Museum Night. Our expectations were fulfilled and together we held a great event.

The youth not only could experiment and develop their practical skills, but also listen to two lectures. A photographer Daiva Amaleviciene gave a lecture on photography and the subtleties of photo studio equipment. Representatives from the association “Isvien” introduced the youth to their aims, the pursued activities, the history of their foundation and, of course, invited them to become the active members of the association.

During the time of the meeting the participants of the project from Kedainiai sviesioji, Kedainiai “Atzalynas” Gymnasiums and other educational institutions together with art teachers Daiva Nurdinova, Danguole Civilkiene and an artist Rima Stadalnykiene really had much work to do at the museum. Since for the commemoration of International Museum Day we planned to arrange the exhibition of the museum’s posters, the participants of the project had a unique opportunity to partake in the preparation of the exhibition. Together we gathered, arranged in sequence and prepared the posters for the exhibition. The exhibition at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum was open from May 18th until June 8th.

For the event of the European Museum Night, which coincided with the International Museum Day, we had planned 17 activities including a live concert and a line dance performance.

Much experimentation occurred while preparing “Painting on Water” art workshop and patience together with skills was necessary for arranging “Museum Imprints” workshop. The youth had to think of drawings and to carve them on linoleum or foam that the visitors would be able to make various imprints during the event. The making of “Modern Sculpture” for stage decorations went pleasantly. Into sculptures, made in advance, we put Christmas tree light bulbs that they would glow nicely in the evening.

We also intensively prepared for the activity “Learn to Knit without Needles”. For the activity to happen, special tools, to use for knitting, had to be made. We experimented with hair pins, clips and found a way to make knitting tools of the most optimal size. If one has some spare time and patience, it is possible to knit a hat and a wristlet very easily. The participants of the project recalled the patterns of old tattings and made preparations for the workshop of bracelet making. During the time of the event the workshop was very popular.

Since we were looking for the project partners, we managed to get defective socks and tights from UAB “Skinija”. The youth kept thinking what could be made from the socks for a long time and finally thought of installation. A snake motive was chosen, thus, we had to make a snake – we stuffed the socks that they would be bulk and sew them together. During the time of the Museum Night all of the visitors were encouraged to decorate the snake with colored drawings made from the strips of colored adhesive paper, which was donated to the project by UAB “Iskabu cechas”. This museum’s partner also donated stickers to all of the event’s organizers and volunteers to remember the International Museum Day and The European Museum Night.

We are glad that everyone who was interested in joint sand painting could participate in the creative process. The means for this art workshop was donated by UAB “Jurasta” whereas a preparatory work – painting selection (Janina Monkute-Marks painting “Egle’s wedding”), enlargement and placement of the painting on special paper were done by five project participants with the help of curator Asta. Even one metre wide work was finished during the Museum Night and the work went to the museum’s archives.

Little children were not forgotten. The area for the playground was set – a group of girls prepared various tasks, planned what games and contests could be organized. The bravest children after the event went home with painted faces.

The association “Isvien”, uniting a big team of young people, was the project’s partner and contributed to the organization of the European Museum Night. The association organized “The Hunting of paper leaves” and encouraged everyone to make dolls from socks. Mini-theatre was also a part of the programme, however, due to the bad weather, it was called off.

Due to the heavy rain the live concert was also called off because the equipment got wet. Photo studio under the open sky also could not happen. Before the big storm, only one visitor had his photo taken. Even though it was raining heavy, the museum was open until 10 p.m. and when the sky cleared up, there was a line dance performance which was organized by a choreographer Daiva Naujokiene. Everyone was encouraged to participate in the common Museum Night dance. While the music was playing the improvisational painting started. The participants of the project had prepared mixed paints for painting – splashing in advance.

Project’s Sustainability

The project “Future Museum Open for Youth” was carried out during the days 2-31 of May. From May 31st to June 8th the works created during the project were displayed. The participants themselves selected the most beautiful works from art workshops and prepared them for the display. We hope in the future, with the help of a newly gathered group of volunteers, to hold not one, but many such wonderful events.

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