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MIRIAM MERAS and ŽIBUNTAS MIKŠYS “Litographs, linoleum block prints and OTHER“

2009 February 6 @ 17:00 - 2009 March 14 @ 12:00

The Museum presented the Exhibition of Miriam Meras and Zibuntas Miksys – two artists of Lithuanian desent that are currently residing in Paris – ”Lithographs, Linoleum Cuts and other“. The exhibition included the colored lithographs of Miriam Meras. The goal of the artist is to show the white surface of the paper and colors, rather than to reproduce her previous paintings or to simulate painting in general. Lithography is a very diverse art form. It is similar to a great number of art techniques: wash-drawings, oil-paintings or ordinary drawings. The artist has sought the straightest path to work in chalk, pencil, or lithographic ink, and also to make colors, lines and spaces inter play. Miriam Meras has always been interested in the human figure. The man in the art and life has always been extremely important for her. The favorite subjects of Zibuntas Miksys are faces and hands of people, old town drawings, and nature motifs. Artist creates linoleum cuts, etchings and lithographs. Since 1948 he has worked on the graphic linoleum cuts. Linoleum cut is characterized by the expressive line, and etching. Zibuntas Miksys has created over 100 ex-librises, miniatures and vignettes.

The exhibition was hosted by Siauliai City Cultural Center “Laiptai Gallery“.