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January 14 @ 17:00 - February 26 @ 12:00


Was born in 1967

In 1994 graduated from Kaunas Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts, Textile Arts programme

From 1994 to 2012 worked at Šiauliai University in the post of Assistant Professor

A member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association since 2000

The status of artistic creator was granted in 2005

Has taken part in exhibitions since 1989

Has arranged solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Moscow, Paris

Creative arts area: fabric painting and dyeing, textile design

Lives and creates in Šiauliai

This exhibition of paintings on linen and silk fabrics by applying textile paints is part of a continuous cycle of the solo exhibition “Tender borders. Linen. Silk.” Painting with a brush has been combined with the use of plant dyes and the shibori technique. In these abstract painting compositions the main thematic line is nature, which is the fabric of the world, harmonized with the various elements of ethnic heritage (the human footprint) by themes and/or plasticity. The works have been created using the author’s technique, by putting a paint in thin strokes as if weaving with a brush. Linen and silk differ in their origin and geography but they are linked as they have been turned into a fabric in their own painful way. Linen and silk tell their own stories that are interwoven with legends and tales, they acted in various birth, marriage, funeral, other ceremonies. They are one of the oldest fabrics in the human history. In this project they play another role: they are as if the repository of colours and ideas that communicate with the viewer.

 The   question has been raised by this exhibition: is that a painting or a textile article, where are borders?

Tender borders separate and link.