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International Exhibition “WHAT IS FIBER?”

2016 July 8 @ 17:00 - 2016 September 10 @ 15:00

The English word “fiber” translated into the Lithuanian language means yarn, vein, lock, splint, tuft, coatings, and also this word can mean and texture, structure and even dietary fiber. In some West countries this word has another, many Japanese people unexpected meaning: “fiber” may be used to describe a person’s character, temperament or nature of a person, his or her “moral fiber”.

Each country and even a person differently perceives and interprets the word “fiber” meaning. The words in our minds caused by different interpretations, images and feelings, and each artist have different interpretations and creates raising yourself the question “What is fiber?”.

It is often assumed that the fiber art is that art allows the artist to express themselves through the fiber material. But whether it is sufficient to describe the fiber? Many artists use different materials in their works. The word “fiber” has a different meanings. The question naturally arises: What do we mean by saying “fiber”? How each artist understands the word “fiber” and interpret in his works of art?

“I sincerely hope that each visitor will fascinate meticulous accomplishment of art works in the exhibition „What is fiber?“. I hope, that my third exhibition “What is fiber? in Kedainiai, will provide more solid basis for cooperation in the future and will allow to range professional international exhibitions“ – Ishii Kakuko.

Participants: Amano Noriko (Japan), Andrew Schneider (Ukraine), Antra Augustinovica (Latvia), Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune (Lithuania), Ausra Sedleviciute (Lithuania), Beanie Kaman (USA), Brigitte Bouquin Selles (France), Daniela Stoyanova Todorova (Bulgaria), Erny Piret (France), Federica Luzzi (Italy), Francoise Micoud (France), Gintare Vaivadaite-Valaisiene (Lithuania), Hayashi Toko (Japan), Heidi Bedenknecht-De Felice (Italy), Helvecia (Kela) Cremaschi (Italy), Herberth Bolanos (Costa Rica), Hiroi Nobuko (Japan), Honma Kazue (Japan), Idei Mami (Japan), Ikezaki Yoshio (Japan), ISHII kakuko (Japan), Ishizaki Asako (Japan), Itabashi Sachiko (Japan), ITO Mitsue (Japan), Iyanaga Yasuko (Japan), Jean Michel Letellier (France), Jeannine De Raeymaecker (Belgium), Jurate Petruskeviciene (Lithuania), Jurgita Jasinskaite (Lithuania), Kagajo Ken (Japan), Kataoka Yoko (Japan), Kizaki Hideaki (Japan), Koguma Ritsuko (Japan), Kurita Toru (Japan), Kuroda Kumiko (Japan), Kuroki Mitsuru (Japan), Mansour Kaoru (USA), Matsuo Ichiro (Japan), Marialuisa Sponga (Italy), Martyna Bartkute (Lithuania), Michael Freitas Wood (USA), Mireya Samper (Iceland), Moon Jiyoung (Japan), Murata Atsumi (Japan), Narahira Nobuko (Japan), Nakamura Miki (France), Okamoto Yuri (Japan), Osumi Yuki (Japan), Renata Vinckeviciute-Kazlauskiene (Lithuania), Rob Burton (UK), Sabine Zeiler (Germany), Sasaki Takako (Japan), Sato Kenji (Japan), Sigute Dabulskyte (Lithuania), Shimomura Koko (Japan), Sorai Yukako (Japan), Suzuka Yasu (Japan), Suzuki Junko (Japan), Malgorzata Lachmann (Poland), Takahara Naoya (Italy), Takamiya Noriko (Japan), Tanikawa Tsuruko (Japan), Tanyama Miyuki (Japan), Tasaka Sumiko (Japan), Tate Masaaki (Japan), Todor Ivanov Todorova (Bulgaria), Tsukuda Mayumi (Japan), Ueda Kyoko (Japan), Ueda Nobuko (Japan), Valdas Pukevicius (Lithuania), Yanagi Kazunobu (Japan), Yashiro Rieko (Japan), Yoshida Masako (Japan), Yoshiya Emiko (Japan), Yunohara Kiyoshi (Japan), Zita Incirauskiene (Lithuania).

Curator of the exhibition – ISHII Kakuko

In Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery spaces curator and artist Kakuko Ishii present the third exhibition. The idea of this exhibition contributed French artist and curator Erny Piret. She presented exibitions „Asia-Europe“ and „Asia-Europe II“ in our Museum-Gallery. We are very grateful Erny Piret for the cooperation. Kakuko Ishii selected 10 Lithuanian artists and 66 foreign artists from 3 different continents (Asia, Europe and America). In the exhibition „What is fiber?“ we present three-dimensional (30x30x30 cm. size) 114 fiber art works. 76 multidimensional artists presents a very different genre and style art works.

Curtator of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-gallery – Ausra Sedleviciute

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