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Modern Fashion Exhibition “FUTURE TRADITIONS”

2016 April 1 @ 17:00 - 2016 May 28 @ 15:00

A retrospective Modern Fashion Exhibition “Future Traditions” by the Department of Costume Design of Vilnius Art Academy (VDA) will be opened at Janina Marks Museum-Gallery.

Visitors of the Exhibition curated by Professor Danguole Brogiene, Head of the Department Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskiene and curator of Janina Monkutė-Marks Museum Ausra Sedleviciute will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the works – fashion design products – by students and graduates of Fashion Design Department, which has a history of more than 50 years. The Modern Fashion Exhibition “Future Traditions” will present different final and creative projects, as well as international workshops, interdisciplinary projects, international studies and practices, achievements of students and graduates of the Costume Design Department.

The Exhibition will reflect the cooperation with social partners (the project “To End Violence Against Women”, initiated by AVON ambassadors, as well as the Department graduates Egidijus Rainis and Lilija Larionova, and including the 1st-4th year undergraduate students of the Department of Costume Design), as well as the cooperation with industrial enterprises (the final work of postgraduate student Vida Straseviciute, implemented in cooperation with AB “Vilko kailiniai”), and workshop SUBCULTURES of the first year bachelor students curated by postgraduate students Tomas Baranauskas and Liucija Kvasyte; all these are a great example of the cooperation between new designers and the students, who already have their own brands.

During an opening ceremony of the Exhibition organized on April 1, at 5 p.m., a creative collection by the first year students guided by Professor Danguole Brogiene will be present at Janina Monkute – Marks Museum-Gallery.

Participants of the Exhibition:

Ieva Pavydyte, Ugne Svirkauskiene, Lina Elmentaite, Monika Socikaite, Sigitas Milkevicius, Ruta Kokanauskaite, G. Skalisiute, Ieva Uzkuraitė, Akvile Lukosiute, Monika Zelnyte, Kristina Sviderskyte, Gertruda Ramunaite, Kristina Bartkute, Santa Babikaite, Raimonda Draskiniene, Ieva Venciute, Milda Gedziute, Paulė Insodaite, Olga Listunova, Polina Reznychenko, Kamile Peleckyte, Dora Adomaviciute, Dovile Kubrakovaite, Ruta Zlatkauskiene, Viktorija Krukonyte, Ruta Naruseviciute, Vida Straseviciute.

Curators of the Exhibition:

Prof. dr. Jolanta Vazalinskiene,

Prof. Danguole Brogiene,

art curator Ausra Sedleviciute

The Exhibition will be open until May 28, 2016.