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2012 April 13 @ 17:00 - 2012 June 15 @ 12:00


This international exhibition has great significance. 147 works by 90 artists from 22 countries: Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, England, Romania, Japan, Indonezia, Korea, Malaysia.

The participants from different regions and different cultures make this exhibit one of our most worldly events for 2012. The environment, philosophy of life, as well as other factors, form the background for the artists’ works. This fact is reflected in each piece.

We want to give our visitors a wide vision of FIBER ART. The artists used a number of different fibers: textiles, paper, wire, plastics or materials of animal origin. They employed not only traditional, but also contemporary techniques. The diversity and depth of the works reveals the importance of techniques in the variety of the art pieces. We wish to show that it is possible to craft such artworks by a single method with the help of a lot of creativity. Visitors will be impressed by the simplicity of the works.

Submerging the creations in a multitude of colors, not necessarily by the chosen theme, attracts the glance of a visitor. The majority of the works belong to what Erny Piret describes as “THE ART OF THE ESSENTIAL”. The artists express themselves ascetically by only “one” technique in the implacable logic, and the selected materials underline this logic.

We have decided to present the works which have the dimensions rarely used in a European exhibition of small works. These 50x50x50 cm dimensions are more common in Asian countries. The chosen dimensions provide the artists with a greater possibility to express their talents. The formula also allows the composition of three works. You will be immersed in the world of an artist.

Kakuko Ishii and Erny Piret: exhibition curators


Aija Baumane (Latvia), Aniza Arif (Malaysia), Annamaria Atturo (Italy), Antra Augustinovica (Latvia), Aud Bækkelund (Norway), Cathrine Hansen (Norway), Danielle Boisselier (France), Danuta Haremska (Norway), Danute Valentaite (Lithuania), Dorthe Herup (Norway), Emöke (France), Erny Piret (France), Esti Siti Amanah Gandana (Indonesia), Eszter Bornemisza (Hungary), Federica Luzzi (Italy), Francoise Ferreux (France), Francoise Micoud (France), Haruko Honma (Japan), Heidi Bedenknecht-Defelice (Italy), Heidrun Schimmel (Germany), Helena Kauttonen (Finland),Helena Santos (Portugal), Kela Cremaschi (Italy), Hideaki Kizaki (Japan), Hidemasa Sakihama (Japan), Hyun Mi Yoon (Korea), Inge Stahl (Germany), Irena Biechonska (Estonia), Yasuko Iyanaga (Japan), Yolaine Frühauf (Switzerland),Yoshio Ikezaki (Japan), Young Hee Jo (Korea), Yukako Sorai (Japan), Jacqueline Hock (Belgium), Jae Bum Lee (Korea), Jae Kuk An (Korea), Jamiaah Abdul Holed (Malaysia), Jean-Michel Letellier (France), Jeannine De Raeymaecker (Belgium), Ji Eun Kim (Korea), Jiyeon Han (Korea), Joo Hyung Kim (Korea), Jung Ju Kim (Korea), Junko Suzuki (Japan), Jurate Petruskeviciene (Lithuania), Kahfiati Kahdar (Indonesia), Kakuko Ishii (Japan), Ken Kagajo (Japan), Kenji Sato (Japan), Kyoko Ueda (Japan), Koko Shimomura (Japan), Kumiko Kuroda (Japan), Lilliana Cavaggioni (Italy), Lina Ringeliene (Lithuania), Lydia Hirte (Germany), Maja Andrey (Switzerland), Małgorzata Lachman (Poland), Manabu Hangai (Japan), Marialuisa Sponga (Italy), Marian Bijlenga (The Netherlands Marie-Jeanne Boyon (France), Mariel Clarmont (France), Marie-Noelle Fontan (France), Marie-Noelle Risack (Belgium), Marika Szaraz (Luxembourg), Marina Majcen (Italy), Marita Kratz (The Netherlands ), Michela Del Degan (Italy), Miki Nakamura (Japan), Minnamarina Tammi (Finland), Mirjam Pet-Jacobs (The Netherlands), Mitsue Ito (Japan), Mitsuru Kuroki (Japan), Nicole Valsesia-Lair (France), Nobuko Hiroi (Japan), Pamela Hardesty (Ireland), Ursula Gerber-Senger (Switzerland), Patricia Castets-Robert (France), Pil Nam Yun (Korea), Raffaella Norcini Pala (Italy), Rieko Yashiro (Japan), Ritsuko Koguma (Japan), Rizal Azni Dahaman (Malaysia), Sabine Zeiler (Germany), Sung Yeon Kim (Korea), Susan Bowman (England), Takayuki Katahira (Japan), TraudelLindauer (Germany), Zaharah Jaafar (Malaysia), Zoe Vida Porumb (Romania).

Rarely do we have an opportunity to organize the exhibition where the creations from two continents are displayed. It is an uncommon exhibition which connects artists from as much as 22 countries. With the help of collaboration between Asta Fedaraviciute-Jasiune, the Curator of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery, and the Japanese artist Kakuko Ishii, we are now able to enjoy the fruits. It is a great joy for the Museum to have an opportunity to collaborate with the initiator of the exposition and one of the curators Kakuko Ishii, who has worked with Asian artists, as well as Erny Piret, who curated the European artists. By having an experience in organizing the exhibitions of large extent, they thoroughly selected the artists’ works created exceptionally for the spaces of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery. Most of the exhibits are created for this exhibition and are exposed for the very first time. Visitors have a unique possibility as after the end of this exhibition, all of the artworks will be sent back to the artists except for those which are donated to the museum.

Gertruda Ziliute, the Curator of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery