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Swedish art exhibition „ANOTHER SHORE“.

2007 September 5 @ 17:00 - 2007 October 20 @ 12:00

Ten Swedish artists took part in the exhibition called „ANOTHER SHORE“.

About creation

Antonio Lopez – a painter who also creates graphic arts. Born in sunny Spain he now lives and creates in Sweden. This artist has remained loyal to surrealism and his elaborate painting evokes irrational sensations. According to the exaggerations in his works they seem to be calling for salvation from the chains of human life.

Mimi Belfrage Mohlin – active Swedish painter, who has studied not only in Sweden but also in Italy and Denmark, and has had a great number of personal exhibitions. Mimi’s works are abstract, a particular mood is created while matching colours and various brushstrokes. Those works awake the deepest human feelings.

Gunilla Petersson – Swedish textile worker, tapestry weaver. The process of weaving itself is like an adventure for Gunilla each time, she weaves the threads of the yarn step by step and the sketch gradually turns into a complete tapestry. The topic of interaction is a typical subject of her works.

Eva Nelander – Juntunen – Swedish artist, textile worker, who has received many awards for her creative work. She is currently working in her own studio and creating decorative textiles, various objects for public spaces and private persons. To embody spectacular designs, the artist mixes an easy kind of embroidery, remnants of different materials and wood.

Annette Ekman – Swedish artist, textile worker. It is the third time this artist has had an exhibition in Kedainiai. The landscape has a considerable effect on her creative work. Annette created four objects in textile – ships called “Journeys” for this exhibition – because life is en endless toss throughout the world and search for a place under the  sun.

Marija Fazekas – a graphic artist. She was born in Serbia, the artist now lives and works in Sweden.. Marija’s creative work has been influenced by nature and old legends. She uses different techniques in her works: oil-colours, crayons, ceramics, etching…

Katriona S. W. Persson – a well-known Swedish artist, whose works of graphic arts travel around the world. She creates her works using the technology of etching. This time she exhibits texts in multi-layered colour. The changes of the weather, fragments of old letters and greetings are dominant in her creative work.

Brita Mellander–Jungermann is a ceramic artist, her creative work reflects Scandinavian moderation. Attention is given to the generalization of forms and colours. Brita’s creation is under the influence of concrete and abstract art, the artist also goes deep into the subtlety of the technology of ceramics. In the works of the ceramic artist clearness of style and shape is emphasized.

Katarina Gill – Swedish artist who makes stained-glass, which is an old handicraft. ‘The process of creation is very dynamic’, the artist says, ‘I cut, paint, make stained glass, bake it at a high temperature, also I fuse small pieces of glass’. She has chosen the exact sphere of creation – stained glass – because she is inspired by specific qualities and contrasts of glass.

Dalia Lopez Madrona – bookbinder who restores old books and creates new book designs. There are objects made of leather and paper as well as books, many of which are dedicated to Kedainiai. In this exhibition one can see an album of Janina Monkute-Marks, newly bound by Dalia using the strips of parchment and blind print.