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Painting and Watercolor Exhibition “COLORED PUDDLES”

2016 February 5 @ 17:00 - 2016 March 25 @ 18:00

The painting and watercolor exhibition “Colored Puddles” features the creations by the following three visual artists of the younger generation: Raminta Ardzeviciene (painting), Edita Tirksliune (painting) and Justina Giastautaite (watercolor). The exhibition is designed for the lovers of good mood and colors. This colorful exhibition presents painting and watercolor artworks of multiple formats and styles. Colorful strokes are a visiting card of this exhibition perceived and conveyed differently by each author.


The artist was born in Silale City in the winter of 1989. In 2012 she graduated from Telsiai Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts and was granted the bachelor’s degree in jewelry and blacksmith. In 2011 and 2012 she actively participated in various projects and exhibitions. The significant stages of her creative path: in cooperation with JSC “Ruta” developed small plastic objects, which are exhibited in the Chocolate Museum of Siauliai; participated in the international medal competition “Fidem”. In 2014 she presented the artwork “December Capricorn” for the exhibition “Kingdom of Dolls” organized by Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery. For the first time Justina Giastautaite introduces her previously unseen watercolor works at our Museum.
How could I speak in words, when my language is color? I am one of those people who quietly submerge into their creations and hope that someone will fall in love with their work rather than advertise them. It is difficult to speak about one’s own artworks. It is difficult beyond imagination!
I do love watercolor. I just do because everyone knows how difficult it is to explain why you love a person, why you love the time with a cup of coffee in your hand or why you love making garlands of sowthistles in spring. Watercolor is sometimes naive, sometimes weightless but I need its smooth transparency. I can hardly imagine paintings created using a different technique. By the way,… I introduce my little paintings – one of the first creatures that began to draw. These are mere characters without any environment or space – just as they are. Now they have almost disappeared and are being replaced by more complex characters. I do hope that my paintings are starting to become similar to illustrations.
Space is becoming increasingly important in my creations, the number of details is growing, and symbols are becoming more and more meaningful and more and more observable. This is difficult to explain and therefore could be an excellent material for psychoanalysts and art critics. But seriously, almost all of my creations are wrapped in melancholy and infantility. The prevailing state of mind is usually conveyed on paper. What we create, sing or write is about us. For those who know me best – you will certainly know why girls have blue hair, and why dragons are sad. And for everyone else – stop searching for logical explanations, look at everything with serene smile and witty interpretations.
What I do is not a hobby; it is my way of life; it is what I am.” – declares Justina Giastautaite. 


Edita Tirksliune was born in Vilnius in the spring of 1985. The artist of the younger generation does not put her creations to any frame and does not want to be associated with a single type of art. Edita Tirksliune’s works of art of different formats are created using acrylic painting, as well as different unconventional means: acrylic modeling paste, herbs, coffee, egg shell, etc. Unconventional means provide her paintings with a minimalist relief. “I really like some etching or roughness in a painting because this brings life and creates a voice; thus, a viewer wants to touch it” – says Edita Tirksliune.
My paintings are playful, full of vibrant colors and bring smile to everyone’s face. I want that while looking at my artworks viewers would submerge into their secret thoughts. Everyone has them, but it sometimes may be uncomfortable to fully relax while wearing a suit.
I have heard that colors in the painting can be used for an analysis of its creator’s inside. Therefore, if you go deeper into my works of art, you will have an opportunity to get into my space.
What is my inspiration? The environment that surrounds me is very important to me. It usually shapes the mindset, style, determines the brush movements. Both internal and external environment is important. The majority of ideas cross my mind while at home or during field trips; the images that I see while travelling are conveyed again in a slightly different form when rendered through the prism of my worldview. Even dreams affect my creations. And colors … mostly warm colors … because there is a sun shining inside me.” – states Edita Tirksliune.


The artist was born in Kaunas in the winter of 1983. In 2003 she graduated from Kaunas Art Gymnasium. In 2008 she was granted the bachelor’s degree in applied graphics of Kaunas Art Faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The works of art by visual artist Raminta Ardzeviciene can be divided into two types: painting and graphics. The artist is well known for her works in printed graphics and graphic design (promotional graphics). For the first time Janina Marks Museum-Gallery proudly presents previously unseen outstanding oil paintings by Raminta Ardzeviciene.
These are like works of my subconscious which reflect certain moods and ideas. Paintings are put together spontaneously like color puzzles creating a kind of mosaic. The aim of the exhibition is to experience a childhood with no rules, no special knowledge, simply colored with a mood, which allows you to create anything. They are like an abstract fairy tale without clear boundaries, without the beginning and the end” – says Raminta Ardzeviciene.

Curator of theExhibition – Ausra Sedleviciute