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International Fiber Art Exhibition „LODZ IN LITHUANIA“. Artists: Magda SOBOŃ, Izabela WYRWA, Ludwika ŻYTKIEWICZ – OSTROWSKA.

September 10 @ 17:00 - November 13 @ 12:00

THE STRZEMINSKI ACADEMY OF ART IN LODZ, whose name in Polish language is: “ASP”- Akademia Sztuk Pięknych im. Władysława Strzemińskiego w Łodzi, a public higher education and research establishment, is one of Poland’s seven state art academies. Some contemporary artists and professors of this academy as Ewa Latkowska-Zychska and Wlodzimierz Cygan are widely known around the world for their innovative creations.

The participants of the exhibition “LODZ IN LITHUANIA” practice their art in LODZ; all studied at the STRZEMINSKI ACADEMY OF ART IN LODZ, all belong to the teaching staff of this prestigious academy. This creates indestructible and visible links in the way to develop their art.

By entering the exhibition, the visitor is in Poland, in LODZ, there is no doubt about it. There is a calm and quiet atmosphere that encourages reflection. The works exude a great serenity and sobriety. The creations of the artists are based on the relations between the matter and the technique. The choice of the matter determines the limits of the technique. However, the technique varies and progresses according to the matter used or developed by the artists. Polychromy is not an essential factor in this exhibition.

The process of creation begins for Magda SOBOŃ with the choice of the appropriate fibers, the exploration of their possibilities and their limits, the search for a way to use the material to the maximum. Her creations differ from the light works of Jean-Michel Letellier or the hard and resistant creations of Hidemasa Sakihama. Magda SOBOŃ makes us understand handmade paper.

The research of Izabela WYRWA is based on new forms of expression and exploring new materials. Light and shadows are part of each of her creations. The works look like lace or textures without a background. A wise observer guesses that training as a weaver is at the origin of a long road which leads to this abundance of creativity. Some works guide the visitor in a direction that is located between reality and illusion.

The technique of Ludwika ŻYTKIEWICZ-OSTROWSKA is not exclusively Shibori Arashi dyeing. She is preserving tradition and, at the same time, is changing its course for the purpose of personal artistic creation. Her material is silk. The properties of this noble material determine the form of each work. She does not hesitate to mix different techniques and creates by this way painted, dyed and printed reliefs on a fabric. Some works remind me “mixed media art” but of great subtlety and inspired by past, contemporary and very personal techniques.


The meeting with exhibition authors and their presentations was organised after the exhibition opening at the Janina Monkute-Marks Art Museum. The topics of presentations:

Magda Soboń: “Material as the means of expression”

Ludwika Żytkiewicz – Ostrowska: “Shibori and Textile Print for Artistic Exploration”

Izabela Wyrwa: “Objects”
Mariusz Andryszczyk the designer of the poster.
A beautiful online catalog of the exhibition “LODZ IN LITHUANIA” will be offered to all visitors after the closing of the exhibition. Visitors should only give their e-mail address to the museum after the visit.
The catalog was created by coordinator of the exhibition ERNY PIRET-HEUERTZ