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The 5th Lithuanian Textile Art Biennial “I ME MINE”

2012 September 7 @ 17:00 - 2012 October 20 @ 12:00

The 5th textile biennial “I Me Mine” hold in Vilnius gallery “Arka” is dedicated to the problem of unique nature of artist’s existence. We are happy to show this exposition to art lovers of Kedainiai. The artists participating in the exhibition scrutinize the link between individuality and individualism, the division between uniqueness and banality, they reveal their experiences, considering radical situations, significance of the present and the past, as well as aesthetical outlook in personal creation. They try to answer the question – what is individuality: empty sheet of paper, where the strongest emotions and sufferings are etched, – creating based on the opinion of John Lock personality from the mirror reflection of the surroundings, or maybe it is a product of the origin, the family, tradition or religion. Artists confirm, that in modern art unique nature can be declared in many different ways: non-traditional bearing, new technologies and traits of ethnic uniqueness, using traditional, innovative and interdisciplinary artistic expression. Elaborating on your own point of view to phenomenal individual expression, together should be considered: is this, what is fashionable and unique today, will have continuation in the future? Exhibition have about 50 participants: popular and young (recently graduated Vilnius Academy of Art) artists who work in textile field.

Artworks are made by using traditional textile as well as outhorithy techniques, but the idea is the main point, because usually the idea tells artist to choose one or another material and technique. In the process of creating creator can use his personal information: treat it and present it in his way, the freedom of imagination  creates  increadible and unusual results.

 Žydrė Ridulytė, the Exhibition Curator
Gertruda Ziliute, the Curator of Janina Monkute-Marks Museum -Gallery