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The graduation artworks exhibition “THE LOOK OF TIME” of Textile Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts and Textile Department of Kaunas Faculty of Arts of Vilnius Academy of Arts

2011 February 25 @ 17:00 - 2011 April 9 @ 12:00


The Textile Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts has been exercising the educational activities for 70 years already. The solid foundation of the artistic textile that had been formed in the Textile Department during the Soviet occupation provided Lithuanian textile with an exclusive right to conquer the Soviet Union art and with the help of socially neutral decorative works to represent Lithuanian culture around the world. From the year 1990, the process of change in Lithuanian textile art along with the political changes – the independence of Lithuania – began. According to the trends of cooperation between the interdisciplinary subjects and various areas of art, the philosophy and quality of contemporary art has been promoting the change in the educational programs. In addition to its functional purpose to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of a society the textile art has become the equal part of modern conceptual art stimulating the emotions and intelligence of a viewer.

The attitude of the creators from the textile program of VAA can be described by the following statement: modern textile art is a point of the intersection between the applied and visual art. This understanding is influenced by the dynamic changes in contemporary art altering the boundaries among different trends of art established throughout the centuries. During the studies a platform for the formation of the exclusion and connection criteria between art and craft; fabric, body and architecture; handicrafts and new technologies; design and implementation is established; moreover, the critical and investigation-centered mindset is developed. All this is taught in a broad background of technology, materials and visual culture. A textile designer that is a graduate of the program is able independently to use the creative work in the field of textile art; while the acquired professional competence enables the graduates to apply their knowledge and skills in the textile industry, the field of interior textile, costume design, organization of exhibitions, museums, textile restoration, as well as in the area of education and social life (in the case the graduates also acquire the qualification of educationalists).

Purposefully connecting the current topics with new and traditional technologies the lecturers and students of the Textile Department participate in the local and international exhibitions of textile art, as well as in the competitions of industrial material design. Over the past decade, the exhibitions of textile art have been the ones of the most visited exhibitions in Lithuania. At the initiative of the Textile Department of VAA, the contemporary textile art gallery-workshop “Artifex” (www.artifex.lt) was founded in the house of A. and A. Tamosaisiai “Židinys” in Vilnius, where in collaboration with art critics and curators the international and local exhibitions, competitions and discussions have been organized. The students have the opportunity to present their works in the gallery and to get acquainted with the practical examples of the management of textile art exhibitions. In order to promote Lithuanian art textile, as well as the textile programs of the Textile Department of VAA, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the creative presentations of the students are organized in Lithuania and abroad by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania. The recent revival of the demand for the use of textile in interiors could have been observed. With the help of architects and interior designers, textile works harmoniously blend into the architecture of specific areas. The collective projects of textile and clothing design revealing the new possibilities for both specialties are also organized.

In the exhibition “The Look of Time” the final works of undergraduate students Milita Balcaityte, Indre Bieksaite, Jolanta Juodkaite, Dovile Gudaciauskaite, Mantas Televicius and graduate students Erika Grigaityte, Audrius Lasas, Dovile Trinkunaite, Egle Vengalyte are presented. The expression of the textile works created by the young authors can be elastically linked to their willingness and ability to connect, transform, improve and arrange materials in accordance with their own ideas and needs seeking to achieve the merging of different expressive forms of art into a solid artistic language.


The Textile Department of KFA of VAA provides the qualifications for the artists who are professionally, creatively and forcibly capable of using a variety of different textile techniques and ways of expression in the fields of functional and conceptual textile. In 2008, the international auditing experts confirmed the five-year program for the Textile Department. The Department provides the qualifications of Bachelor and Master’s degree for the textile artists in the undergraduate and graduate study programs.

The undergraduate (Bachelor) program of the Applied Textile helps students consistently to assimilate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the fields of weaving, fabric surface design and decoration, design and creation of a unique wall fabric, realization of the space textile and the textile used in the specific areas. The artist, who is the graduate of the program, is able to create the unique exhibition works. The holder of the BA degree assimilates the comprehensive knowledge in the field of the world and Lithuanian textile history, learns the reasoned assessment of artistic processes, the using of (self-)critical reflection, and develops the skills of working in groups and art projects.

The knowledge-deepening graduate (Master’s) program of the Applied Textile consists of two complementary parts: the writing of the theoretical research work and the creation of the unique work(s) of art. On the basis of the critical analytical thinking, the artist, who is the graduate of the program, is able to recognize and identify the scientific issues, to select the theoretical/methodological way for their study and to employ the presentation of the theoretical and practical conclusions. The holders of the MA degree can be characterized by the substantial skills of written and verbal communication, the ability individually to deepen the knowledge, to use the experiments and create the unique, original, aesthetic and conceptually treated works of art. They are fully prepared to arrange personal exhibitions, to attend the international exhibitions, have the skills of participation in group art projects and their organization.

Over the past decade the Textile Department of KFA of VAA has contributed significantly to the development of this field of art, as well as to the rise of professionalism in Lithuania and Europe. It should be borne in mind that the ideological and intellectual source of the most popular event in Kaunas, which is also particularly appreciated in the international arena – Kaunas Art Biennial TEXTILE – can also be traced back to this institution. Since the year 1997, the Textile Department of Kaunas has been a member of the ETN (European Textile Network) and can be characterized by the collaboration with the international projects (textile symposia, seminars, and conferences). The Department maintains strong relationships with various foreign textile educational institutions, such as the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (Ireland), the Art Academy of Latvia, Bergen National Art Academy of the Arts and others. Since the year 2001, the Textile Department has been participating in the Socrates-Erasmus study exchange program. The students also attend the international textile exhibitions of Lodz (Poland), Budapest, Szombathelys (Hungary) and get the important experience there.

The teachers employed by the Department are the excellent experts of this field and have repeatedly won valuable awards in various international textile exhibitions and competitions. In order to achieve the artistic innovations and the renewal of the study curricula, the Department often invites the textile artist from other cities and countries to read lectures. The works of the students of the Applied Textile Department of KF of VAA are created in the textile workshops of the Department. The equipment accumulated here helps the students to specialize in weaving, dyeing, printing, silk screening and other techniques, while the acquired practical skills can be easily adapted in the areas of light industrial design, interior design and the creation of individual textile. The Department can be proud of the project implemented in 2006 with the help of the Nordic Council, i.e. the arrival of the computerized jacquard weaving machine (TC-1). This machine designed for the creation of works of art is not only the only one in Lithuania but also in all the Baltic countries.

In the exhibition “The Look of Time” the final works of undergraduate students Oksana Blazeviciene, Donata Butkute, Alisa Detinenko, Monika Kreive, Asta Kriksciunaite, Gintare Pilypaite, Raminta Skirgailaite, Domante Sarakauskaite, Daiva Sniraite, Giedre Velikyte and graduate students Vytaute Ceponyte, Kristina Cyziutę, Angelija Eidukiene, Natalija Prochorenko, Kristina Saudyte, Indra Sliuzaite are presented. The works have been chosen according to the problems addressed by the young authors, as well as the different ways of expressing the important ideas. The exhibited works are created using the computerized jacquard weaving, sewing, embroidery, silk printing, tapestry weaving, digital printing, screen printing, shibori, sublimation and other individual techniques.