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Three exhibitions: “CODE-MM” – Paintings by Modestas Malinauskas. “STONINESSES” – Paintings and sculptures by Antanas Adomaitis. “COLORIFIC LIFE” – Paintings and sculptures by Julius Urbanavicius.

2013 April 5 @ 17:00 - 2013 May 25 @ 12:00

Opening reception: Friday, April 5, 2013, 5:00 pm at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery.

S          U          A        K        M        E      N       E        E       J      I       M      A      I  ….

AKMENE (THE CITY OF STONES) – I was neither born nor died here, but as the inscription shows I am in this place.

MENEEJIMAI (RECOLLECTIONS) – I also have my body, I have the reason and the place where I am able to be and in the Samogitia peacefulness continue thinking about my artistic being for more than half a century.

EJIMAI (WALKING) – I have been protecting unprecedented journeys of the creating spirit – the images from word-chains.

AKMENEJIMAI (STONINESS) – I still the hungry spirit with fresh springs of my own country’s self.

SUEJIMAI (CONVERGENCE) – I am with you and at you on April 5, 5 p.m. in Kedainiai, at Janina Monkute-Marks Museum-Gallery. The next convergence will be organized where the favorable winds blow.

SUAKMENEEJIMAI – the magic word of my vitality.

Artist Antanas Adomaitis  03-24-2013   22:40


“The artworks of Modestas Malinauskas fascinate us with colorful apples;
they reflect tree leafage rustling with its colorful tranquility and birds swung by lakes.
The paintings present the sighing sea, chatting fish, floating ships of tales and living spotted unicorns”.

Painter Modestas Malinauskas opened his eyes for the first time in 1965 in Kaunas.
When growing up, he used to tease the ladies. He tasted studies at the homeland embraced by the Neris and Nemunas Confluence.
He had tamed painter tools at his early childhood – the artist long treaded the threshold of

Kaunas four-year art school.
As a youth the painter proudly waded into the lakes of industrial architecture.
Then he studied the intricate secrets of painting with a deep passion at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. The painter tells that his Father hoped to grow a sailor and Mother – an architect.
The parents’ desires have almost come true. Although Modestas has been defeated by the endless desire to paint – he has become a sailor of his own fantasy world and an architect designing pictures…

Since 1989 the author has been presenting annual exhibitions in various cities of Lithuania. He continues participating in various international symposiums. The artist’s exhibitions have delighted the hearts of
art lovers from Moscow, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and the U.S.


I was born on April 12, 1948, in Kaunas under the Aries Zodiac Sign, in the Year of the Rat. Maybe because of that after graduating from Faculty of Chemical Technology of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute in 1973 I had managed to work under the acquired specialty only for 5 years. Although I have started late, I still fell into the quagmire of art, of which I would never be able to get out.

For two years I have attended Guboja Art Studio in Klaipeda. In 1980 I have found myself in Kedainiai. In spite of the fact that I am only a son-in-law here, I have made an agreement with Kedainiai City; thus, we have managed to live without any anger. My family and home are exceptionally helpful and supportive in allowing me to play art. Art is an expensive game but I enjoy playing. Just like in life this game involves a lot of color. Just like in Paradise – it offers many apples – the fruit of knowledge. Sometimes the fruit is rotten, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. However, you are no longer capable of stopping once you have tasted it. The tree also has its own color and you only need to convey you own experienced colorful visions on the canvas; it is for this reason the exhibition is called COLORIFIC LIFE.

In 1977, I also started to carve small pieces of artwork, masks and paint still lifes and landscapes. I also carved several crosses. However, in 1993 my life changed when after the competition I entered the art camp-symposium of the Grunwald Park at Cinkiskes with my project. There I created a six-meter-high sculpture. As early as 1995, I was invited to Denmark and I continue going there every year.

I carved many pieces on the ecclesiastical theme, at schools, forest stewardships, forestries, cemeteries, for individual orders. About 30 of my artworks can be found in Kedainiai District. In Denmark the majority of fun sculptures created by me are exposed – I am exceptionally good at creating little trolls. Here in Lithuania people even started to name me the Master of the Moomins.                                                               

Julius Urbanavicius

 P.S. My sculptures can be found: in Denmark – 160, in Lithuania – over 80, in Germany – 25, in Czech Republic – 6 and in South Africa – 1. As far as I counted, I created some 2,000 small and larger works of art in total.