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Exhibition “TEXTILE X” of the VI Biennial of Lithuanian Textile Art

2014 October 24 @ 17:00 - 2014 November 30 @ 15:00

    An objective of the Sixth Lithuanian Textile Art Biennial “TEXTILE X” is to reflect trends of Lithuanian textile art, traditions of textile art, modern quests, nuances of the generation change; to issue and to present the exhibition catalog as an input to the promotion and dissemination of textile art.

       The Biennial concept hides the following intrigue – what is contemporary Lithuanian textile like, what are the trends of its development, what is the professional field of interest, what traditions are cherished, and what generations are represented? The Biennale organizers poses the challenge to present textile in a wide field of culture, they focus not only on the completion of an artistically mature collection, but above all – on the artistic study, on the monitoring of processes and manifestations that could help to answer the question whether we stand still or change, what new forms expression are taken by the contemporary textile techniques and what are the prevailing ideas. The exhibition presents the public with contemporary Lithuanian textile, including its boundaries and margins, different looks to the cultural and historical heritage, mass culture, tradition and innovations, technical dimension of a work. Although potential exhibitors are first of all expected to present “real” textile art, the exhibition is open to innovative quests, and expressions of new technologies and techniques. 

       The exhibition is expected to promote the public interest in contemporary Lithuanian textile art. The project is primarily focused on the cultural public interested in art – not only on artists, but also on critical Lithuanian citizens, school children and high school students with cultural needs as cultural needs are formed at an early age.

       Lithuanian textile, which only 10-15 years ago surprised everyone with drastic changes, remains one of the most dynamically evolving fields of Lithuanian artistic activities with its representatives successfully participating in international competitive exhibitions and attracting the attention of exhibition curators in other countries. However, the prevalence of conceptual exhibitions determine that often they do not include strong personalities while art critics often run out of material to form a more complete picture of contemporary textile art. The project, which is focused on a wide panorama of contemporary textile art, promises to fill this gap.

         The ongoing project began in 2004. From the very start it has been organized by the same group of people: curator Zydre Ridulyte, Egle Ganda Bogdaniene, art critic Lijana Nataleviciene, coordinator Ilona Janusauskiene and the staff of the ARCH Gallery. The implementation of the project is based on many years of work and experience of the organizers. Success of the Biennial and vitality of traditions are ensured by the skills gathered by the organizers of former textile biennials of republican (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012) and international textile miniatures (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013) in Vilnius, as well as by the cooperation with the LDS Arch Gallery, contacts with the most prominent Lithuanian textile artists and the encouragement of the youngest generation of textile artists to join the exhibitions. It should be noted that during the implementation of this project (and the International Biennial of Textile Miniatures) the organizers sought to reconcile the trends prevailing in the world art and culture with cultural needs of Lithuanian state and nation, the problem of a creator’s freedom and responsibility in respect of the intellectual and Lithuanian reflection and dissemination of the world trends.