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7th Biennial of Lithuanian Textile “TEXTILE: FOR BODY AND SOUL”

2016 September 16 @ 17:00 - 2016 November 5 @ 12:00

For the first time in the history of independent Lithuania a single exhibition presents all kinds of textile surrounding a modern man – these are not only unique creations, but also decorative fabrics, as well as designer clothes. Such a wide scope is based on the life itself denying textile elitism, eliminating the boundaries of different fields of art, inviting us to take a new look and to assess the basis of our natural environment. And this natural environment is full of textile – fabrics, carpets, and our clothing. The efforts of textile artists and costume designers to create an aesthetic environment are often intertwined; they work in cooperation with each other. Textile is also increasingly attracting representatives of other fields of art, i.e. sculptors, painters, and graphic artists. In the postmodern era sculptors enjoy working with soft materials, while graphic artists employ the technique of pressing, and painters use fabrics as the base for their creations. This exhibition also offers an opportunity to take a look at the examples of common artistic activities.

The Biennial organizers seek to cover as many areas framing the term of textile culture, which demonstrates the archetypical role of textile within the area of human household, as possible. Soul needs are revealed using the collection of unique textile, while tangible, bodily sphere – with the help of clothing and decorative fabrics, referred to as home textile. The exhibition of costume and textile design together with unique creations aims at getting closer to the needs of modern consumers’, to promote the interest of bigger population groups in textile art. This is also a tribute to often nameless developers of decorative textiles – unique works are presented, displayed at exhibitions, while the discoveries of home textile creators are often left aside, despite the fact that they shape the lifestyle of the twenty-first century person, apply innovative technologies and can be characterized by conceptualism typical to unique textile.

In contrast to the mass consumer-oriented textile fairs, where you can see a number of commercial textile and clothing, the Biennial presents the most intriguing and controversial decorative textiles, characterized by conceptualism and problematicallity typical to unique textile.

Lithuanian textile art is a dynamically evolving area of art, which is characterized by a broad scale of expression means ranging from the art works created using traditional artistic techniques to the ambitious conceptual work combining the use of smart technologies, as well as visual and audio effects, which form part of the overall contemporary art space. Textile is closely linked to the national Lithuanian worldview, and is considered an archetypal area of art.

The Biennial of Textile presents the modern Lithuanian textile with the help of glimpse of different authors into the cultural and historical heritage, mass culture, tradition and innovation. Here you can see traditional textile arts, innovative decisions, as well as the manifestations of new technologies and techniques. In addition to widely-recognized textile artists the works of famous artists in various fields, as well as the creations of ambitious artists of the youngest generation are displayed.

During the opening of the Exhibition the book “Absolute Textile: From the Sources Into the 21st Century” published this year (edited by Egle Ganda Bogdaniene) for the Exhibition “Absolute Textile”, which was opened from December 2014 to May 2015, by the Lithuanian Art Museum was presented.

Lijana Sataviciute-Nataleviciene,
dr., art critic

Biennial Curator Prof. Zydrute Ridulyte
Organizers: Prof. Egle Ganda Bogdaniene, Dr. Lijana
Sataviciute-Nataleviciene and ARKA Art Gallery of Lithuanian Artists‘ Association.