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Virginija Užusenytė “IN-SIGHTINGS”

April 22 @ 17:00 - June 5 @ 12:00

Virginija Užusenytė is an artist from Kaunas city, a graduate from the Ceramics Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts (1986), a member of the Lithuanian Artists‘ Association.

In this exhibition, the artist presents her ceramic art works inspired by observations of the surrounding world. To be more precise – by diving deeper into the world of plants and seeds. The artist’s interest lies not so much in the beauty of nature shapes as in the underlying vital processes, dynamics of plant development. As we are aware, humans interfere in these processes while trying to make corrections, modifications, and changes. The artist is concerned with the controversial outcomes of these invasions. Her works remind us about the possible results of an aggressive human interference into the plans of nature.

The exhibition is named “In-Sightings“. Bits of reality and unexpected sightings produce impulses. The latter serve as a background for the creation of entirely new vegetative forms, which do not exist naturally. Most often, a seed of plant, a pod, an aril or a peel serve as prototypes. Usually, an external shape in the nature carefully covers an internal shape. Virginija Užusenytė notices a different reality: a seed of mutated plant is disorganised, a membrane does not protect it, and a harmony, otherwise typical for the natural world, is falling into decay. Natural forms in these art works ramify, bend, extend, as well as the surfaces are ruffled, thereby there is no expectation of harmony. It seems that these asymmetric objects, rich in colours and factures, extend beyond their limits, and spontaneous thrift of silhouettes and forms indicates unnatural state of a plant. For example, cubic seeds of a plant pod are just visions of the artist for now. However, it is clear that there underlies a question in the art works of Virginja Užusenytė: where we are going?

The ability to join an idea with technology makes contemporary ceramic art interesting and worthy. Both these elements are equally important in Virginija Užusenytė creative works, and she has mastered both. The artist‘s idea about mutation processes is supplemented by threatening factures of objects, fascinating shades of glazes, flowing liquid glass spills, obtained in the heat of kiln. The heat is an alchemist of ceramic art. But the greatest experimenter and “coder“ is Virginija Užusenytė, the artist, whose practise and experience help her to predict the outcomes of clay and flame dance, and to create original works of art.

Dr Rasa Žukienė, art critic